Some Lost Unpublished Daedalus Feng Shui Materials Found

I found an old Feng Shui mailing list post that had some of the playtest material that would have been in the Daedalus version of Golden Comeback.

I only saw one thing in the playtest material get into the Atlas version but it was redone a bit and renamed.

This is copy and paste of the text that was on the list:

[i]One of my group was playtesting some stuff for Feng Shui Golden Comeback and I copied the materials. Some people have been interested in gun shticks used on Tim Byrd's sight, so I thought I'd post them.

Bag Full of Guns
Your character always has plenty of guns handy. They usualy have least three on hand and usualy as much as five or six. Unlike siganture weapons these aren't specific weapons, they may vary from time to time. While you can lose these guns as easily as any other object, they are all easily replaced.

Sure Shot
Costs 2 shticks
If you fail to hit someone with a gun by less than 4 you actualy hit with an outcome of 0 instead.This can't be combined with Both Guns Blazing or attacks against multiple targets. Only to attacks involving a single precise shot. If you shoot at a a single unnamed charater with no stats or AV higher than 9 you automaticaly take them out if you took a full 3 shot action firing at them.

Cock and Carry
Costs 2 shticks
Characters with this shtick can draw guns or pick up guns that are lying around at no shot cost. This includes guns lying around and guns being dropped by mooks in their death throes and guns that are concealed on their person in akward to draw from places. It does not extend to grabbing weapons from people who still have some fight left in them or to signature weapons.

Slaughterhouse Symphony
Characters with this shtick are adept at firing at multiple opponents using a pistol (although any gun you can fire one handed will do) in each hand. Characters with 1 shtick in Slaughterhouse Symphony can attack two characters with -1 AV penalty instead of the normal -2. Every two addition shticks in this ability subsequently reduces the multiple target penalty by another pt.

Lucky Lighter
Characters with this shtick have a lucky item such as a zippo lighter, pocket watch or cigarette case that can save their life by catching a deadly bullet. The lucky lighter enables the character to ignore the results of any gunshot, after the outcome has been determined, the lighter deflects or just plain stops the bullet. However if this ability is used it can't be used again for the duration of the current session and the next session without leading to the loss of this shtick. In other words if the character uses this shtick again before the allotted time the shtick will function as normal and then the character will lose the shtick, they've used up their luck. They can however repurchase this shtick by spending experience points.

Way of the Gun
Characters with this shtick are uncannily adept at performing stunts with their guns that aren't attacks. These stunts include, reloading both of a friends guns by throwing fresh clips into them, flicking guns into their hands using their feet or via other stunts. Characters with this shtick perform such stunts using their Guns AV +3. They can also pick up or clear jams in guns using a flashy manuever (kicking the gun into the air) as a 0 shot cost action by performing a Difficulty 15 stunt. Characters with this shtick can reload guns at -2 shot cost provided they make a gun stunt check with a difficulty of 15 (failure means spending the fully alloted time reloading the gun).

Sample Gun Stunts

Reloading a friends gun by
throwing a clip into it. 15
Reloading both of a friends guns
by throwing clips into them. 17
Pick up a gun or clear a jam as a
0 shot cost action using a flashy
stunt 15
Throwing a gun so that it bounces
around a corner and lands in a friends lap 13

Special Stunts

The Drop: You can get the drop on someone and once you've got it they ain't getting away. Make a guns check, if you hit you have the drop on them. You can pull the trigger at any time. Furthermore the other guy knows you have him dead in his sights any intimidation attempts are at +5. Maintaining the drop on someone precludes you from taking any other actions other than conversation and walking slowly. The person maintaining the action can pull the trigger at any time getting the original outcome.

Mowing Em Down: Take out as many mooks as your outcome will allow. You don't specify how many you're attacking, you're attacking a bunch of them and trying to take out as many as possible. You make the attack at -1AV and you take out as many mooks as your outcome allows. For example with an outcome of 5 you take out one unnamed character, with an outcome of 7 you take out 2, with an outcome of 8 you take out 3, etc.

Deadly Deck
Costs 2 shticks, except for gambler which it is 1.
This shtick enables one to throw playing cards with deadly speed and accuracy. By throwing a rapid flurry of playing cards at an opponent one can distract, temorarily blind and even kill.This attack requires one third of a deck of cards to perform for each attack and inflicts 7pts of damage. In addition the target if sucessfuly hit suffers 3 pts of impairment for the next 5 shots due to disorientation. Each subsequent time a target is

Gadget Shticks
Starting PC techie can acquire one with 2 skill points.
Later they are 5+the number of gadget shticks you already possess in XPs.
8 sample gadget shticks, super equipment.

Heroic Shticks

cost 5 xp+ the number of heroic shticks you already have

Blaze of Glory
You keep fighting until you drop absolutely dead. When you're past 35wps you fight at -2AV due to impairment just like anyone else. If you fail a death check you will still die at the indicated time but you are not incapicated in the meantime.

Nick of Time
You character has the habit of turning up unexpectedly when the need arises. If your character could somehow feasibly show up for a fight, he will. Characters with Nick of Time mark their dramatic entry on shot 3 of the first sequence of a fight. After the fight is over the character tells his companions how he managed to come to their rescue. If his story is ridiculously improbable or worst of all lame and boring then the GM should be more strict about letting him using this shtick in the future. The GM is the final arbiter of whether Nick of Time can be used.

They Didn't Find the Body
Characters with this shtick have a nasty habit of not staying dead. Instead they crawl off while noone is watching, get taken in by monks, mysteriously disappear, go into comas, get cloned, etc. What happens to them after they are supposed to die isn't important the important thing is that one way or another they come back usualy with a mean disposition and a score to settle. The character may make their heroic comeback or their villainous return in the next scene or several adventures down the line, that's up to the GM and the player. After the character makes this comeback they lose one shtick in They Didn't Find the Body permanently. They've cashed in one of their lives and will have to obtain another shtick if they want to be able to rely on this ability again (or just aquire multiple shticks in this ability in the first place).

Improvised Weapons
Characters with this shtick can use almost anything as a weapon. Whether it be due to specialized, intensive training, raw ingenuity or just a sick imagination they know how to kill with a credit card, to inflict serious pain with a stapler or how to wield a barstool as a cunning martial arts weapon. These characters can pick up one improvised weapon that are within hands reach at no shot cost per sequence (subsequent weapons will cost 1 shot to pick up). These weapons do Str+3 damage for the first two attacks they are used for before becoming useless (a credit card just can't hold up to the wear and tear of combat) and/or predictable. Characters using improvised weapons may, at the Gms discretion, make distratction attacks instead as stunts with a -2 AV penalty and the outcome being how many shots of initiative the target loses. Gms should reward creative use of improvised weapons with the occasional +1 AV bonus and special effects such as disarming opponent's off weapons, !
knocking opponents down, etc. As appropriate for the weapon and the stunt.


Body: 5 Chi: 0 Mind: 5 Ref: 5

Divide 5 pts amongst your primary attributes.
Divide 3 pts amongst your secondary attributes.


Guns =14
Martial Arts: 9 (max:12)
Intrusion: 9 (max: 12)
Deciet: 9 (max: 12)
Intimidation: 11 (max:13)
Info/Gangland Politics 9 (max:14)

Divide 5 skill bonuses amongst your skills.

3 Gun shticks

Unique Shtick
Streetwise (shtick not defined in playtest matrials)