Some low level spells for moderation

Greetings from a new member of this board. :smiley:

I've been storyguide for an AM3 game for many years now --Severn Temple Covenant -- but some of my troupe are starting up an AM5 campaign. So I've been trying to get to grips with the new spell creation system.

I see (elsewhere on this board) that people are interested in lower level spells (10-15), and I've started creating quite a few spells of those levels for our game. I would welcome any feedback from members of this board, particularly if I'm committing any major howlers.

Animal Spells

Summon the Web Weavers CrAn 15
This spell creates a large, hairy, poisonous looking spider which will scurry away from the point of creation.
Adria of Merinita created this spell to get revenge on some local villagers who had offended her, casting it in their hair or beds whilst invisible. In accordance with her sigil the spiders are bright green in hue.
[Base: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Diameter +1; T: Individual]

The Hunter’s Cunning InAn 10
This spell informs the caster of a weakness, if one exists, in the natural armour of a specific animal within range (e.g. the site of an old wound, or a weak point in its scales). This grants successful future attacks some reduction in the animal’s soak (roughly half at the storyguide’s discretion). This knowledge can be communicated to others (e.g. Grogs) though this might need a Communication + Leadership roll.
This spell was developed by Tobias of Flambeau who was determined to learn the weaknesses of all opponents he faced in combat.
[Base: 4, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual]

Curse of the Lame Horse MuAn 15
This spell makes the leg of a horse temporarily weaker, so that it behaves as if lamed.
Hannor of Bjornear, who has the heartbeast of a doe, developed this spell to counter nobles who might attempt to pursue her on horseback. However, she did not want to permanently harm the horse involved, so she avoided using Perdo magic.
[Base: 3, R: Voice +2, D: Sun +2, T: Individual]
(Note that Base 3 MuAn spells allow the spell to affect an animal’s limb, so the Target ‘Part’ was considered unnecessary)

Cleanse the Verminous Infestation PeAn 15
This spell causes all insects and creatures up to the size of a mouse to be killed within the area of effect.
Ferdinandus of Jerbiton developed this spell after being forced to spend the night in a flea infested bedroom of an Inn. After a very uncomfortable night, he vowed to never have to suffer such indignity again.
[Base: 30, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Room +2, Size restriction* -6]
*This spell only works on animals with a Size of -10 or smaller – so I’ve allowed a major reduction in the spell level. As such it does not specifically accord with standard Hermetic spells.

Invocation of the Unwanted Interest ReAn 10
This spell implants the simple idea that another person (specified by the caster) has some tasty tit-bit of food in their pocket. The animal then invariably takes a strong interest in that individual.
Jana of Tytalus was in an awkward spot, cornered by a curious priest who seemed intent on discovering her identity. To create a distraction she used this spell to create the impression in the mind of the Inn’s quite large and greedy dog, that the priest had some food in his pocket. While the priest fended off the sudden attention, she was able to quietly slip away.
[Base: 2, R: Voice +2, D: Sun +2, T: Individual]

Aquam Spells

Conjuration of the Grape’s Gift CrAq 10
This spell fills an empty bottle with a pleasant tasting wine.
Onoria of Tremere developed this spell to ensure that she never arrived at one of her contact’s houses without a gift. The duration of the spell ensured that the wine would remain good, even if the bottle was not drunk that day.
[Base: 2, R: Touch +1, D: Moon +3, T: Individual]

Discern the Content of the Unlabelled Vial InAq 10
Requisite: Vim
This spell informs the caster of any magical properties possessed by a liquid.
Erik of Ex-Miscellanea was a skilled herbalist, but often forgot to label his creations. To ensure he did not confuse his healing balms with his poisonous concoctions, he developed this spell. Some say that his forgetful nature still proved his undoing, as he often forgot to even cast this spell and drank one of his own toxic brews.
[Base: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual]
(As Base 5 allows determination of magical properties, the requisite is given free)

Spittle of the Poisoned Blade MuAq 15
The Maga spits upon the blade of a dagger or similar edged weapon and smears the spittle along the length of the blade. The liquid, transformed to poison by this spell, can inflict an Incapacitating Wound if the blade penetrates the skin of a victim (i.e. causes at least a Light Wound on its own). Only the first successful cut delivers the poison effect, subsequent recasting would be needed to affect others.
Ursula of Flambeau used this spell to poison her blade before she went into a fight. With her sigil the spittle seemed to flicker with dark flames as it transformed to poison. Note: It is very important that you do not accidentally cut yourself on your dagger while casting this spell!
[Base: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Diameter +1, T: Individual]

Ease the Venomous Wound PeAq 15
Requisite: Corpus
The Magus uses this spell to entirely eradicate a poison from his blood.
This spell was designed by Guido of Bjornear to assist him in a battle with a serpent. Unfortunately, the venom was faster acting than he had reckoned, and he lost consciousness before he was able to cast this spell. However, the spell survived and has been invaluable to other magi.
[Base: 10, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Requisite +1]

Melting the Icy Barrier ReAq 15
By touching a wall of ice, the Magus causes it to rapidly melt to water over the course of a round.
Caelia of Merinita was once trapped by a faerie within a prison of thick ice. She was eventually rescued by her sodales on that occasion, but determined to develop this spell so that she could free herself should the need ever arise in future. Her sigil is the sound of tinkling bells, which can be heard as the ice melts away.
[Base: 3, R: Touch +1, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, Size +2]

Auram Spells

Silent Stench of the Watering Eyes CrAu 15
Emanating from any point that the magus can see, a foul, eye-watering stench is created. Whilst the caster concentrates the evil smell will waft and spread out from that point like a natural gas.
Echfryd of Ex-Miscellanea liked to use this smell to embarrass people who had slighted him. He would wait for his quarry to be with a group of people (e.g. having a meal in a tavern) then create a foul smell emanating from just behind them. The victim’s denials simply added to the vexation of his companions.
[Base: 3, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual]

Miner’s Nose for the Poisonous Fume InAu 10
This spell allows the Maga to pick up the scent of whether the air is becoming unbreathable. As the concentration of a poison (or other noxious substance) becomes stronger, the scent of it becomes more quickly noticeable. The storyguide might request Perception + Awareness rolls to pick up subtle hints of danger.
Thomasina of Criamon developed this spell when she wished to explore a labyrinthine cave which was well known to possess pockets of poisonous air. By use of this spell she was able to quickly detect when the air was becoming more dangerous, and keep herself and her companions out of danger as they explored.
[Base: 2, R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Smell +3]

Conflagration of the Fiery Air MuAu 15
Requisite: Ignem
Causes the air around the target to transforms into fire, causing +5 damage each round that the caster concentrates on the spell. The fire will set light to any nearby flammable materials, which will burn normally after the spell has ended.
Crispianus of Flambeau developed this spell as a way of intimidating anyone who crossed him. The flames are not intense enough to easily kill a person, but the effect of being suddenly surrounded by fire is terrifying.
[Base: 4, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual]
(As the Base 4 effect allows air to be turned into other elements, the requisite is given free)

Cutting through the Impenetrable Fog PeAu 15
Using a knife or other cutting implement, the Maga makes a cutting motion in the air. The spell causes the fog immediately around the Maga to reduce in intensity by one level, allowing the Maga a better chance to see nearby companions or search the ground in an impenetrable fog. The fog may naturally return within an hour or so.
Aeneas of Guernicus developed this spell after a wasted night investigating a local graveyard. The fog was so thick that she could barely make out her companions, let alone survey the graves to see which had been tampered with. She determined to develop a spell to allow her and her companions a better chance of searching such places in future.
[Base: 4, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Group +2]

Curse of the Personal Rain Cloud ReAu 15
So long as it is raining, the recipient of this curse gets wetter than everybody else. To others it may be a light spring shower, but the victim gets drenched (and is likely to complain loudly or become extremely irritable as a result). If it stops raining for a time, then resumes later, the effects of the spell are still felt.
After botching with the spell ‘Ward against Rain’, Omfridus of Tytalus became a victim of this effect and determined to develop this curse as a way of getting his own back on the grogs who had found it amusing.
[Base: 3, R: Voice +2, D: Sun +2, T: Individual]

That's enough I think for the moment! I'll post some more (for further forms) if people find them of any use.

Welcome, in fact You get an especially enthusiastic welcome from me because I really like these spells.

I see that you posted animal, aquam and auram spells, does that mean you've got them for all 50 combinations (rubs hands greedily)?

anyway let me give you my feedback and you can take it or leave it

(first of all let me give you the caveot that I don't have a book to double check level calculations)

The Hunter’s Cunning InAn 10

I like this idea but I think I would institute it differently. I'd give the attacker a +5 bonus to damage if their "thwak margin" (attack - defense) is 4 or higher. By doing this I'd simulate the difficulty of hitting the weak spot on the target. (Of course by doing this I'd also make it a bigger pain in the rear for the players and storyguides as well.)

Cleanse the Verminous Infestation PeAn 15
This seems good , I can't think of any situations off the top of my head where the size restriction would be particularily exploitable. (Even making a "smart bomb" spell that won't target your exceptionally large grogs doesn't seem too bad.)

Invocation of the Unwanted Interest ReAn 10
This spell implants the simple idea that another person (specified by the caster) has some tasty tit-bit of food in their pocket. The animal then invariably takes a strong interest in that individual.

This description makes the spell out to be a creo animal (creating a thought in the mind of the target) rather than rego animal (controling the mind of the target) but tweak the description a bit and it's my favorite spell of the bunch.

Discern the Content of the Unlabelled Vial InAq 10
This spell informs the caster of any magical properties possessed by a liquid.

I don't think that you could use InAq to do intellego vim (say if the liquid is a charged item "potion"). I don't think that this was your purpose either. Yet it is hard to draw a clean line between "magical" in an herbalist kind of way and magical in an enchanted kind of way especially when in the absence of published material to seve as common ground the rules that you make up for herbalism are almost certainly different than the ones that I'd make up.

Spittle of the Poisoned Blade MuAq 15
Seems very nice, I can imagine a coky mage expecting that "enchanted" blade would get stopped by his parma being surprised when only the poison is.

Ease the Venomous Wound PeAq 15
Requisite: Corpus
[Base: 10, R: Personal, D: Momentary, T: Individual, Requisite +1]
I'm torn between using target part and target individual for this one anyone want to make an argument one way or the other.

Hi Erik, glad you like the offerings so far. I have a few more spells for you - which I'll post in a new topic - but not quite one for each Tech + Form (yet!)

Thanks for the feedback - some quick ripostes :slight_smile:

That's an interesting alternative, I intended the spell to only give a weak advantage and given that a Bear has Natural armour of only +3; half of that isn't a huge bonus for the attacker. Yours is more generous and more stingy at the same time ... hmm ... so equally viable I'd say :slight_smile:

Yes, I see what you mean. I took my lead from the description of the Base 2 ReAn effect "Plant a single suggestion in the mind of an animal". I'll re-tweak the description though (as you suggest) so that's clearer. It's definately one of my favorite as well :slight_smile:

These are really great! here is my comment on one of them:

Curse of the Lame Horse MuAn 15
This should be a Perdo effect with a duration longer than momentary. Well I do believe that perdo effect can also be temporary. it is just of higher level.

Discern the Content of the Unlabelled Vial InAq 10

Aye - you caught my drift there Erik. You could do this two ways - one by considering Herbs as natural, and using 'profession Herbalism' as a workaround until there are some rules, making them 'non-magical' poisons (Parma this, wizard).

edit: an alternative might be to add a vim req, I suppose. Though the description for InAq spells lets that base effect determine magical properties.

Curse of the Lame Horse MuAn 15

Mmm ... yes, I see what you mean. I was using the idea that you are simply changing the limb (making the muscles thinner, or the bone slightly twisted). You could certainly do this with Perdo magics, but it would be permanent I'd have said.

By the way, in my other topic I use a Perdo spell with non-momentary duration. See what you think.

The way I understand it, non-momentary Perdo keep on destroying as long as they are active, meaning that you can't heal the horse, can't fill the pit, etc... It does not mean that the damage already done is reversed when the spell ends.

My interpretation was that you could choose to have the effect where it destroys permanently or it could hamper something for a duration & then release it's grasp.

In this situation, I think there is a PeAn guideline to inflick pain but no dammage that would better suit the needs of the spell.

I think that the pain guidline would work fine for the spell. But is there some reason that you can't give a horse a painfully inapropriately sized and configured joint using a muto spell as well?

Well not in the rules but the essence of the game is as follow.

Creo creates
Intellego seeks
Muto Transforms
Perdo destroys
Rego directs

In this case, we cant to 'destroy' the ability of the horse to follow the Magus. We no not want to transform the horse into a dwarf horse or change another feature of the horse that would effectively also hamper it.

We could design a spell to render the horse dwarf of with pig legs or watever but if you simply say reduce muscles/ hamper the horse, it feels much more like a Perdo effect than a Muto.