Some Questions for a Hermetic Kabbalist concept

I had a couple of off-the-cuff questions.

  1. Characters with Holy Magic can do Holy Method + Power effects with their Arts. Would you extend this to the golem-crafting ability of Kabbalah? If so, that'd probably be Rego Terram, right?

  2. I'm trying to figure out the right way to frame a particular Major Magical Focus so that it's coherent, applies to the stuff I care about, but also isn't brokenly broad. I'm currently leaning towards something to the effect of "Adding Motion to Objects." I'm not sure if that covers too much of Rego as an Art, and I really only care about applying it to Terram, but I can't think of a non-awkward phrasing for a Terram-specific version that covers both clay and metal. I'm hoping for something that could reasonably cover enchanting prosthetics, weapon-enhancing effects, and later down the line also awakening objects to life, via either integrated Mechanica of Alexandria or making golems with Kabbalah.

  3. Relevant to the above - would you allow a magus with Holy Magic to attempt the integration procedure from Hedge Magic Revised Edition on Holy Methods/Powers (applying strictly to Holy Magic rather than Magic Theory as a whole of course), or is that too scientific and transformative of a process for faithy Divine stuff, and thus better to only allow the abilities exactly as-is and only through initiation (or through having them as Favored Abilities, if you have True Faith)? I ask because I feel like it would fit really well for a Jewish holy magus to be all about the idea of fully synthesizing their divine magic with Kabbalah.

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First make sure, that you have the revised edition from 2011 of RoP:TD. Its first edition has another chapter on Mythic Judaism.

By RoP:TD p.134f Kabbalah, the Supernatural Ability Kabbalah can be used instead of the (p.46) Method Invocation. So a character with the Supernatural Ability Kabbalah - like a (p.138f) typical Mythic Companion Kabbalist - needs only learn appropriate Powers to work (p.46ff) Miraculous Effects.

Also by p.138f, a Mythic Companion Kabbalist anyway needs to take at "least one of their favorite Holy Methods and two Holy Powers in addition to Educated (Hebrew)." By p.48, Adjuration, Blessing, Cursing and Wonders are Powers working with the Supernatural Ability Kabbalah.

Is that helpful, or did I just misunderstand your questions.

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I think it falls outside the rules as written. Kabbalah is a "Method with benefits", i.e. with applications beyond being used as a Method in combination with a Power (Dream Interpretation is another example). Holy magic does not allow you to "integrate" those extra applications, at least without further research. That said, 1. I think it would be the perfect for original research and 2. even if you allowed it by default, it would not badly break things.

It is not entirely clear to me what you mean with "integration". In Hedge Magic, for each tradition you get a number of possible "extensions" to Hermetic Theory stemming from each hedge tradition. In principle, you could do the same, extending your Holy magic via insight from purely Divine traditions. I am not sure I'd use exactly the same mechanics though, rather than ones closer in spirit to those in The Church (Pilgrimages, Contemplative/Monistic Mysticism).

"Animating Minerals" for the focus?

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