some unfinished thoughts about a Jerbiton character


actually I´m thinking about a Jerbiton maga in my group. The odd thing about her is the fact, that she possesses Faerie (Sidhe) Blood (as minor virtue). She has a background as an apprentice of Oculus Septentrionalis (Rhine Tribunal) and some experience in financial and mercantile transactions. Her real focus are the social skills. She seeks to be a competent mediator. The aspects of art and beauty - although important for her house - are not fixed in her character concept.

Now I´m trying to find something as a goal for the character, that leads the maga through the saga.

I searched the forum and reread HoH:S (Jerbiton, especially p. 44: "Seeking beauty" and "Why are Faeries ugly") and RoP:F (especially p. 107: "Faerie blood and the soul"). Then I had some strange ideas.

What do you think about this: Maybe the faerie blood in the maga is the cause for a deficient or warped soul. In everyday situations this is no problem. But the longer the maga learns about the idea of beauty in her house, the stronger the deficiency will become evident. "Beauty is that which draws the soul closer to the Creator" (HoH:S, p. 44), but if you have this kind of damaged soul the maga possesses, you lack the sense of beauty! For her housemates this will be a shocking handicap. Her faeriefriends will shrug their shoulders.

The maga will have to make a decision: does she accept her shortcoming (that could alienate her with her Jerbiton comrades) or does she fight it (that could lead to a longterm mystical trip that ends with the extinction of her faerie roots inside herself... maybe the faeries won´t be pleased).

Do you see a chance for my idea? Do you think it could be fun to play a character like this?


You can create many problems for that character from the onset.

  • The Flaw Brutal Artist (HoH:S p.56) is quite natural for her and describes her social problems in the House well.
  • Oculus Septentrionalis is a covenant in the town of Lübeck. Her unusual beauty can have already caused problems in the town and some notoriety, or is likely to do so. The magi of Oculus have a tendency to not allow magi causing problems to them in town - so might try to send her on her way asap after first trouble.
  • Her mere existence, Brutal Artist or not, is a provocation to many Jerbitons, who might make sure her snafus are remembered. So you have reason to give her Flaws like Apple Gild Enmity (GotF p.20ff), Enemies and membership in a Gild unusual for Jerbitons.
  • She might have been fostered out a lot (HoH:S p.47).
    All together, the risk is rather that you overdo it. A good approach might be trying to understand her apprenticeship in Lübeck, and go from there.


Well, thank you for a first answer. Some things you propose aren´t possible any more because the character creation is finished already. But the saga is young and it is still possible to set the course for many things.

The character didn´t choose the flaw "brutal artist" (she is no artist at all). She had problems in Lübeck, but the reason was an erotic interest of Imanitos Mendax in her (so, yes, you can say, her unusual beauty caused problems). Unfortunately she is member of the apple guild, her interest in mediation suggested this. For now I can´t see any snafus she did. Of course she has the gentle gift and apparently her existence in the city didn´t cause any civil disturbances, uproars or bloodbaths. For me, her appearance seems to be slightly strange, but not strange enough to be a reason for serious discomfort.

That´s why I´m searching for a hook, I can use to build up the problem gradually. One possibility could be her distorted soul (and associated: her inability to sense beauty). The "provocation to many Jerbitons" is still possible, I think, even if they have to attain a deeper impression of the character.


In that case, you might be more subtle.

  • Have your Jerbiton negotiate with Florum (TLatL p. 96ff) on behalf of Oculus, since both want to take part in the establishment of the Lotharingian Tribunal.
  • Have her meet Prunellie of Merinita there, befriend her, be shown Spider's Palace (TLatL p. 98), and may be explore a Faerie regio left where once the palace built by the spider prince was.
    This way her sense of 'beauty' could be awakened, but it would not appeal to other Jerbitons because of its repetitive, fae, 'industrial' nature.
    During that exploring you could still give her a crafty spider as a Faerie Friend and/or Brutal Artist as results of bargains with Faeries, maybe for a Virtue associated with craftsmanship.


Not to direct you to 'Rusalka' and 'Undine' for the umpteenth time, there is a beautiful film by Edgar G. Ulmer, 'The Strange Woman', showing the failed socialization in 1820s Bangor, Maine, of a gifted woman - distinctly Sidhe blooded as played by Hedy Lamarr. :smiley:
Apparently it is in public domain, and it is available in many places on the internet for free. Look here: ... ange+woman for some of them.