Sophya Aoinos (Apprentice of Paulos Kaloethes)

Paulos Kaloethes took her as apprentice during the Thebes Tribunal 1207 and opened the gift at the start of 1208. Her Atlantian blood did not show till the age of 13 where some scales started to appear at her feet and her eyes became slightly fishlike.
During this time Paulos was surprised to see her magic altered a bit without his influence but because she is his first apprentice he didn't think much about it.

Before she became apprentice she was one of the young children that could visit a school and there it was also where her gift was spotted by some person working for the Tribunal.

She is intended as NPC till she finish her apprentice time 3 years after game start, if we want to keep her around past this will be covenant decision.

[u]Sophya Aoinos[/u] pre apprentice at the Age of 8

Personality Kind 2, Pious 1, Temperate 3

Int +2 Per 0 Str -1 Sta +1 Pre +3 Com +2 Dex -1 Qik -1

+1 Minor General Educated (Greek)
+1 Minor Supernatural Magical Blood Humanoid Atlantian blood +1 Pre
(age 13-14) +1 Minor Hermetic Atlantian Magic (RoP:M 43)

-1 Minor Personality Temperate
-1 Minor General Frail (App 12) -3 to soak rolls
(Age 13-14) -1 Minor Hermetic Difficult Spontaneous Magic

0 Romanic Greek 5
15 Awareness 2
15 Survival 2
05 Stealth 1
05 Athletics 1
05 Folk Ken 1
15 Etiquette 2
50 Classic Greek 4
15 Artes Liberales 2
15 Medicine 2