Sorcerous Singing lab texts

My troupe has lucked into a set of lab texts, all written by a mage with the Exotic Caster - Singing virtue.
And none of the troupe mage's have that virtue. I have misplaced the page reference for translating the lab texts into something they can use. Can someone remind me please.

At least I think they need to be translated.

It doesn't say in that Virtue anything about needing to translate the lab texts.

Do you mean Performance Magic (Music)/Sorcerous Music? Long as the lab text is in Latin and doesn’t use an RDT they can’t use (such as D: Performance) the lab text should work fine because it is not the spell but instructions for what you do in the lab to invent that spell. They likely will need to be translated from that particular magi’s shorthand per the “Translating Laboratory Texts” rules on p102 of ArM5.


Thank you.
I am beginning to suspect that I hallucinate extra rules that I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to track down.
I had thought there was a rule similar to Casting Tablets where the user has to use the same options that the author used, including virtues.

Dabnabbit! Now I have to track down the Casting Tablet rules to confirm Deft Form isn't required by the user, if the author had it, merely take the penalties for non-standard voicing and gestures.

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Casting tablet rules are in Covenants p89-90

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