Sorcery shtick combination question (Golden Comeback)

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have a rules question about the Sorcery Combination section in Golden Comeback.

In Golden Comeback page 89 it says that when two damage shticks are combined, it works like Both Guns Blazing. However, on page 91, it says when two Blast shticks are combined it does "normal damage with both special effects". How exactly does this work? Could a player combine two blast shticks to form a Both Guns Blazing spell (after paying the proper XP to make it permanent) or would that not work? The I'm reading this three ways:

  1. It is easier to combine the spells (-2 AV like it says on p.91) and does Both Guns Blazing damage, and both special effects.
  2. It is normal difficulty to combine the spells and does Both Guns Blazing damage and does both special effects.
  3. It is easier to combine the spells and does only one Blast shtick of damage, but both special effects.

I personally think the player should be able to choose between 2 and 3 when making the spell (either getting less damage and both effects, or full damage, but harder to create). I actually think an interesting idea would've been to be able to make a Both Guns Blazing version of a spell, but it is only one effect, or a one Blast version of the spell with multiple special effects that way it gives the players some interesting choices of variety or power, and they would have to make these spells themselves, of course, showing their growth as a spellcaster.

However, those is just my little ideas, I am interested to hear how you all interpret what the book says. Any answers are welcome and appreciated.

I think you've got the right idea to allow the player to choose between option 2 and option 3. The note on page 91 I think is specifically for players who want to add a "chaser" effect to an existing blast, rather than double the damage. The example given in the book (Conjured Weapons + Fire) covers this pretty well: Devouring Hell Weapons work just like any conjured weapons blast, with the additional consequences of flaming weapons: may catch clothing on fire, may set off gasoline/explosives, etc. If a player wants to use two blasts at the same time, such as "fire blast with my right hand and ice blast with my left!" then the "Crude/Better Improvisation" rules on page 89 cover that.

Thanks for the quick reply. What do you think about using option 2 and making it permanent? By the rules it should be allowed, but then option 3 doesn't look so appealing.