Sorta-Newbie to Ars Magica looking for PBP!

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a PBP game if there's any. I have always wanted to play but sadly a PBP game I joined got cancelled before we ever got to doing any magic, after I spent hours with my character sheet and my backstory...

I love medieval history and Ars Magica feels like the perfect game for me. There's nothing about this game that I don't love.

I'm sort of a newbie. I read the manual a year ago. I know a good amount of the lore and just want the experience of playing this gem of a game.

As a player I'm fond of dramatic stories with focus on the narrative, but I understand Ars Magica is a crunchy system and I don't have any problems with that xD. I think it contributes to the experience.

I speak Spanish (native) and English so if you're one of the many spanish ars magica players, I'm down for it too!!

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Welcome to this board, Mauricio. On top of this forum, Ars Magicka has a dedicated server where some Discord games are made, some play by post, others live. You can check this as well: Ars Magica Discussion Server

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Thank you! I'm in the discussion server. I tried looking for Pbp there, but sadly nobody replied. I guess none of them have Pbp games going on right now.
I will check the Atlas Games one, though. Thank you for the recommendation!

Edit: Sorry, did you mean there is more than one server? I can only find the Ars Magica Discussion one

There is only the discussion server. I'm in 2 active games now so there are definitely some going on, but it's all about whether there's a free spot.

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Ohhh, I see. Well, thank you for explaining it to me! Glad to be a part of this community, it's one of the friendliest I've found in RPGs :smile: