Source Material For Between Sand And Sea

I don't know if this is appropriate to ask here, but does anyone have the source materials for this book? Where do some of the ideas, such as: Antaeus giving birth to the Berber people. The Jnoun, and a few of the locations for the book come from.

I can't find anything online nor do I see anything at the front or back of the book.

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First, I don't even qualify as a passing amateur in this area, but I did find some information you might find helpful.

I think you read some of it incorrectly, and some looks internally inconsistent. The book says Sufax is the "legendary ancestor of the Berber people." But Sufax came from Tinjis and Heracles. So that would not have Antaeus as their ancestor.

However, it also says Sufax took over guardianship of the Berbers for Antaeus. But how was Antaeus the guardian of the Berbers who had not yet come to be until after his death if they descended from Sufax? So something looks a little off.

I think this makes more sense of things. It also places Antaeus as a guardian of the Berbers. But it says many Berber kings descended from Sufax, not all Berbers. That is internally consistent. It also has some references you might try. It'd be cool to see some Berber references, though.

This site has a bunch of references with more variety and from more direct contact with Berbers.

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I do, in fact, have some of the source materials for this book, but it depends on the section and the material. This is research that was nearly 10 years ago, that's a long way in the rear view. Sometimes I can find things, but not all things.

...I'm not sure what you're referring to with the jnoun/jnun/jinn. Do you mean the individual types or...? (and really, those were not my section...I want to say they were Lachie, some were Mark, it depends? I did a few creatures.)

WRT: The text on page 48 doesn't say that Antaeus gave birth to the Berbers. It notes that many of the Berber chieftans and Numidian kings claim descent, and then gives a reason why that claim may have merit. That's a different thing than fathering a people. The tumulus bit was recorded by Plutarch as the Roman Quintus Sertorius finding a massive burial said to be Antaeus, then reburying him with honors, long before Christianity.

As far as locations go, I'd have to know which locations...There aren't any that are out of place, if I recall correctly-- was there someplace in particular?



Then jinn stuff was me (Lachie), I'd have to dig it out but I think it came from one of the overview Jinn resources "Legends of the Fire Spirits" that I used for TCatC and then for other books:

As to the locations, for this book I really only wrote the Tuareg section as I gave my sketch notes for Siwa to Ben to develop - there was a book I used for each but I can only remember the Siwa one which was Ahmed Fakhry:

In my defence all my books are in boxes in my shed and I'm currently holidaying in Bali LOL


I have that same one for Siwa, and as I recall, it's a fantastic book. It has a good collection of photos to help with visualizations, too



Oh I mean the stories of the North African Jinn.

There was this one showing a giant nine headed snake jnoun.