Speak with which Silent?

I'm a big, big fan of the Supernatural Virtue "Speech with the Silent" (and its equivalent power in the Path of Strife for Criamon) and have now a character that is going to use it extensively.

Basically, it allows you to not-quite-magically talk to elementally pure objects and have them act individually. This works with manmade objects, so long as they are made from a singular material.

I want him to have a few pieces of equipment that are designed to adhere to this restriction to somewhat build a relationship with.

Currently I'm looking for a few more suggestions as to what these objects could be. A few Ideas I have:

  • a Lock without a Keyhole. It theoretically can lock and unlock itself, but there is no mundane way to access the mechanism.

  • an iron or silver clasp for his cloak. Can float and carry his cloak to hang it on a hook, or have it float towards him for magical show-off-ery

  • A pond next to his residence. Can be nice company and keep an eye on my belongings

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