Special Schticks for special occasions

When the normal system is a little bit unsatisfactory:

Part 1:
Have you ever wondered if you can get more juice from your standard Ogre/Reconstructe? I mean the hulking 3m giants wielding weapons in the "vehicle weapon" category - and they have an AV of 8 and a go-down on 13 (or 11 with a **weapon like a single shot from an M14), even from .32 Stubs Nose. Personally I find that very unsatisfactory. They should be covered in bullets, walking through explosions and the heroes should use magazines of high caliber weapons like no tomorrow on them, while easily dodging their slow and cumbersome main attacks.

What to do? Increase their AV? They are wielding weapons which could and should vaporize a car. Make them named? Boring - after all they are "standard mooks" used by the Buro and the Lotus as shock troops and cannon fodder.

Toughness is not the right word ...

  • special schtick, can only be taken by unnamed creatures with supernatural body (11+). Especially designed for very slow, hulking creatures like Ogres and Reconstructed
  • Max combat AV is 10, normally it should have something like 7-8. AV 10 should really be resevered for elite mooks, like the DeathCorps 136th Special Airborne Shocktrooper Regiment, courtesy of Johann Bonengel.
  • Unnamed Creatures still go down on an outcome of 5, with following modifiers:
  • The unnamed creature can use an active doge, but it is not described as an dodge, but simply as a "WTF, he simply soaked it?". -1 shot, +3 dodge => The unnamed creature goes down on an outcome of +8. Its simply a different description.
  • The creature has ** body (the reverse of a ** weapon like an M14). Instead of decreasing the necessary outcome by 2, it increases the outcome by 2. The unnamed creature goes down on an outcome of +10 when using active dodge or +7 if not active dodging.
  • Special weakness: the unnamed creature is still hurt by attacks:
    => every 3 burst (9 bullets) from an automatic weapon -1 shot
    => every big explosion -2 shots.
    => Vehicle weapons deny the actice doge and the ** body, now they are again cannon fodder.

When I confronted my group two times with 2 normal unnamed Reconstructed with this stick (AV8, the group had Killers and sorceresses) a lot of bullets went into them before the mooks went down. Ironically all four had a total of 3 attacks (they lost all shots almost every round due to the frequent attacks) but the group where simply frightend by 45kg cybernetic warhammer and a implanted hellharrowers. Good times.:mrgreen: