Spell breakdown of Gift of Man's Fortitude from Calebais

The spell Gift of Man's Fortitude is listed as a MuAn15 spell in Calebais (p61). Does anyone have an idea what the spell breakdown of that is?
I ask as it appears to grant +3 soak to an animal form as per Gift of the Bear's Fortitude, but I thought that would have a higher base (say MuAn15?), and be closer to a level 30 effect when finished.

edit - Perhaps this is MuAn Base 5 to change an animalso it is unnatiral?, +2 sun,

I think you're right about an error. MuAn guidelines suggest using MyCo guidelines for other things, and the MuCo guideline for adding +3 Soak is level 15. From its description it doesn't seem to be R: Touch, so MuAn 25, but the other spells for animals are R: Touch so I would expect that if this one.

The Fur That Turns Blades (MuAn 20) R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual (+1 Size)
(Base 5, +2 Sun, +1 Size)

is from Through the Aegis, page 43 and has a similar effect.

The breakdown of Gift of Man's Fortitude looks like it might have been a cut and paste of Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15, using a base 4 guideline), rather than of Gift of the Bear's Fortitude.

Given the similar wording of the guidelines, I'd probably go with the base 5 used for the TtA spell - as the level 4 MuAn guideline "Change something made of animal products in a minor unnatural way." gives us Doublet of Impenetrable Silk and its +3 soak, the level 5 MuAn guideline "Change an animal in a minor way so that it is no longer natural." should be sufficient for the same effect in a living animal.