Spell Cards

I made these for my players. My first attempt, so they are very simple, without color or graphics. We write our casting totals on the card with dry erase markers.

I sure do wish we had these for all the spells in the core rulebook.


That is a cool idea :grinning:. For extra durability lamination and erasable pen would work too (we used to do this for tracking things in Exalted).

Metacreator has a spell description filter (SpellDescription.flt), which prints out all the spells of a character.

A single spell looks like:

InVi20, Casting Total: +23, Penetration: +5
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Vision
This spell allows the caster to see through the boundaries of regiones, and therefore divine the path to the next level (more details about regiones are given on page @@). There are separate but related spells for Divine, Magical and Infernal regiones.
(Base 3, +1 Conc, +4 Vision)

So this filter can very well become the frontend of a template to print individual spell cards, nicely selected for the character in use.

That's a great idea! I could really stand to figure out a way to do similar cards inside TTS as player reference for my online game. Hmm...

Since MetaCreator already has the spells in a database (one :chess_pawn: of vis and my thanks awarded to @OneShot for reminding forgetful me) it should be possible to import the data directly into something like Magic Set Editor to automagically make good looking, usable cards based on a template. (Unlike the sketchy first efforts made by my gaming group when D&D 4e first came out.) If you want at-a-glance icons for the various details of the spells, the symbols made available by Atlas for avatars should handle most every need if they permit the usage, anything else can likely be found in the library at game-icons.net

N. B. Even for personal use, I'd probably want an official okeydokey from Atlas before sending my cards off to a site like The Game Crafter for a one-off prototype deck, though. I'm a big enough nerd that I like my custom creations to look as much like official publications as possible - yes, I do know what fonts are used in most of my favorite games, why do you ask? - but what I know about IP law could easily be written on my thumbnail. With a quill.

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I like those! I've considered similar things, but since so much of my game is currently run off a wiki/website already, I just added my grimoire onto there, easier to have things in less places.