[Spell Check] The Desert's Embrace

The Desert's Embrace PeAq(He/Co/An)25

Creates a parching wind that removes most of the water from objects in its path, rendering wooden items brittle and fragile (He req) or causing +10 damage (Co or An req) bypassing armor. The spell can target up to 10 man-sized individuals. (Based on the PeAq20 spell Parching Wind AM5 p123)

(Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Part, +1 Size (to affect 10x more targets), the “wind” is a cosmetic effect, so no Au req needed)

The only thing that bothers me about this spell is the Target - per the guidelines, destroying water inside of something is T: Part, but I want to affect multiple targets.

This is basically an upgraded version of Parching Wind, correct?

I would suggest using T:Group, and adding a magnitude because you are affecting only a part of each target. You would end up with level 30.

Wouldn't the An/Co/He be simply covered by casting requisites? This has the advantage that you could decide, upon casting, if for example you only want to affect animals.

I thought of the Group target as well, but it seemed to make more sense as T: Part, because the spell is targeting a larger number of Parts, rather than a whole Group.

I agree that the An/Co/He should be casting requisites, but I didn't quite know how to show that. Just in the description?

Well, it may be a collection of Parts, but they come from different Ind so I think T:Part is not sufficient for that. I've recently read something about it being OK to target Parts from different individuals under the T:Group, but I couldn't tell you where exactly. Ah, just found it.

This implies that if you are affecting a part from multiples individuals, that falls under T:Group. But contrary to what I wrote before, you would not need to add an extra magnitude on top of this for only affecting a part of each members of the group.

As for the Casting Requisites, indeed this is usually in the description of the spell. See for example the description of Parching Wind (ArM5 p.123), which says "With a Corpus or Animal [casting] requisite, the spell can affect humans or animals".

Excellent! Thank you very much.