Spell Design: Ambiguous Level Adjustment

As I muddle around looking over spell design, I note a few magnitude adjustments that I don't see a good definition for.

Are these explained somewhere?

I'm talking about things like "Unnatural +2" and so on. Where might these be described?


Depends. The Auram guidelines, for example, indicate that every step of range reduction is typically compensated by a step of added unnaturalness. In some other cases, it's just a guesstimate.

In the effect level descriptions for a couple of forms (I think auram and aquam, maybe) it says that creating something in a very unnatural way causes magnitude adjustments. You have to read the text above the list of effects.

There are several examples of non-stardard Magnitude bumps in the books:

Hunter's Sense adds a +1 Mag bump for two pieces of Information

Cloak of Duck's Feathers has "+1 for slightly unnatural control"

Bridge of Frost "+1 to allow various shapes"

Ice of Drowning "+1 additional effect"

Air's Ghostly Form (and many Auram spells) "+1 unnatural (the spell can be cast indoors)"

Circling Winds of Protection (and many other Auram spells) "+2 unnatural"

Incantation of Lightning "+4 unnatural"

Severed Limb Made Whole "-1 since old limb needed" This is one of the few reduced magnitudes I've seen.

Preternatural Grown and Shrinking "+1 because the spell allows growth or two kinds of shrinking"

The Silent Vigil "+1 for special effect"

Mists of Change "+0 for slightly nonstandard effect"

Kiss of Death "+2 for no words"

Treading the Ashen Path "+1 for fancy effect"

Weight of a Thousand Hells "+1 complex effect"

Black Wisper "+1 for not needing to gesture"

Conjuring the Mystic Tower "+3 elaborate design"

Teeth of the Earth Mother "+2 fancy effect"

It is from these occasional adjustments that we try to adjucate non-standard effects.

That's a nice list angafea. I've always tried to return to the core book to adjuicate these guesstimates. It's nice to see they tweaks listed in one place. Thanks.

Cheers for that list Angafea. Well done. It is even longer than I would have expected. Several things to consider and wonder about.

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The auram modifications are in the header for Auram spells...

As for many of the others... I put part of it on the "ars" portion of the magica. :wink: There's a bit of leeway, some wiggle for the arts aspect. Just my opinion, though.


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