Spell design (for discussion and approval)

I really, really think we need something like this, especially given how this can be tricky.

And I'll inaugurate things with my own spell idea to submit :smiley:

There's this possibility that, in the future, Hiems would want to invent a spell to freeze people up, to immobilize them without killing them or endangering them in any way.

By RAW, this is pretty simple: ReCo, with the "freezing" being cosmetic only (which is made easier by Hiems sigil).
But, the problem is, I think this kind of spell is perfectly appropriate for him, and would like it to fall under his focus, because of this. But I don't think a simple cosmetic effect would allow this (I'd disallow it as a GM)
So, my question is: If I add Perdo and Ignem free requisites (no +1 mag because it doesn't enhance the effect, like damaging people), would you feel this'd be okay or not?

Balance-wise, it'd be more powerful now that a simple ReCo, because of the focus. In the long run... I don't know. On the one hand, that makes 4 arts to raise, but on the other, there's a focus.

What about thinking about it this way?

And add Perdo Ignem free requisites. These guidelines sound more like what freezing a body would be like, compared to Rego, which is about controlling them. Plus, the Rego Corpus option goes for a whole-body assault at a fairly low level, whereas I would think that with freezing you'd have to work up somewhat to covering the entire body.

Of course, with Ars, there is a thousand ways you could do such things. You could also Creo Terram(Ignem) to encase them in ice.

The big problem here is that you want to do it in a way that doesn't kill people, and that doesn't feel very icy to me, so it requires a more complex level of control over the freezing process.

Yes and no :laughing:
Realistically speaking, you're perfectly right.
But I had in mind some comics and cartoons "freeze rays", that's why I didn't add a +1 magnitude and some fatigue damage (or, more exactly, take the higher guideline and add +1 mag). I could, mind you.
I dunno the rego level, I worked from memory (IIRC, there's a guideline to hold a body motionless). Is that low?
The MuTe option might have been fine, but it is really too high level and I don't turn them to ice, I just freeze them.
PeCo 5 is fine, given a strength check to break free.

I checked it earlier today and I think it was ReCo 5 base.

Hu-Hu. I think I'll go with PeCo "hamper" then, and give a Strength roll each round to break free.

Check these out, Hiems:

Dagger of Ice, Cr(Re)Aq 10
Shackles of the Frozen Ice, ReAq 10,

from Societes pg 35

I've thought about the Shackles, with 2 spells: 1 to create water, the second to freeze it.

The spell I want proves to be too difficult for me yet, which is strange, because I wanted something sub optimal (the above combo being much, much more effective).

I'll just have to go with the flow! :wink: