[Spell Design] The Vigor of Ox

How do you see it?

So... requisites? Limits or great things?

I think at that level it's probably CrCo, not MuCo, based on the book rules. Adding +1 to Strength is much higher level, but lifting is only a portion of strength, so I would definitely see it being lower level. However, but how much lower should it be. Let's look at Soak as an example. Soak is only a portion of Stamina, and probably a comparable portion to what lifting is of Strength. +2 to Soak is a Base 10. That makes the equivalent spell for Soak MuCo25. Comparing that to this MuCo5 spell and I'd say level 5 is way too low. So I could definitely see CrCo25 being viable.


Compare to MuCo5 Eyes of the Cat, which uses Animal requisite and has a more localized effect on the target. OTOH, increased burden isn't as useful as night vision.

I'd go with MuCo(An)10 unless there's a real advantage to this.

I can understand both... i'll reduce the effectiveness:

The nearest thing that i've seen is Mu(Pe)Co 20 - Face of Molded Clay (Hermetic Projects page 86), that penalizes speech totals by 3, included spellcasting. The base is 3, the shape is changed, and it is O: part, including one +1 Perdo requisite.

I don't see why creo is necessary. Your not improving the target in a way natural to humans. Compare to Endurance of the Bear. It increases just soak not sta. The only thing is muto spells usually have some noticeable feature, cat eyes, tough insensitive skin.

I say stick with your original levels.

I must confess I do not like too much the design of this spell.

It's tempting to take Eyes of the Cat as a template for of the spells that give the target one quality epitomized by the animal in question -- like Cunning of the Fox or Nine Lives of the Cat. But the name is really just fluff -- it's the mechanical guideline that counts. I really don't think the MuCo 2 guideline "change a person to give that person a minor ability" is meant to be used in that way. Instead, I think it should make some tangible adjustment to the form of the target, from which some change in function "naturally" follows.

If you want the target to carry larger burdens, I think you should make him bigger! After all, that's the reason why oxen can pull heavy loads. I'd use the MuCo3 guideline "utterly change the size of the target". Alternatively, you may allow the MuCo 2 guideline (without any requisites, except for casting ones to adjust equipment carried by the target) to make the target shorter, wider, squatter and just a bit heavier (not enough to grant a Size change). In mechanical terms this would grant +1 to Size for purposes of being pushed/shoved, +1 to Strength for the purpose of carrying loads, and -1 Quickness.

I'd be very careful with this type of bonus, because being able to carry heavier loads effectively means being able to carry heavier armor and thus obtain better soak without penalties -- circumventing the pretty tight limits given to soak bonus by the spell guidelines.

I agree that MuCo 2 "change a person to give that person a minor ability" ought not to be used to give the target one quality epitomized by an animal. However, I disagree that original posters spell goes against the guideline. The spell makes a change to the targets musculature such that he gains the minor ability of being able to carry more.

Thanks about all your opinions.
One point more, just like Edge of Raptor increase the damage on edged weapons, the enchanted people are stoped by Parma, one bad point to Wrestlers that want this spell to become strongers and that. I see one good compensate spell. With and without +1 from Creo, based upon the spell that i told from hermetic Projects way to make greater somebody's trait.

+1 to this. At level 10 not 5, due to the Unnatural state of the body. I'd say the Req is free.