spell Desing

Looking to Make your self better at jumping ie 10-15ft.

i think MuCo Base 4? Should be the same as MuAn Major change or affect leggs right Any input would be great.

Gift of the Frog's Legs page 134 , ArM 05.
ReCo / Level 15 / Base : 10 / +01 Touch
Leap up to 15' vertically or 25' horizontally.

locking for a way a Muto Corpse player in my game can do this

In 5th Ed , the easiest way is using Rego. :slight_smile:

The lowest Base Guideline in Muto is
02 : Change someone to give them a minor ability.
03 : Utterly change the appearance or size of a person.
10 : Turn a human into a land animal (with an Animal requisite).

A minor ability is a spell such as Eyes of the Cat on page 130.
A Muto spell to increase leaping will involve a physical change to some degree.
If you use an Animal requiste , you could give the target Goat Legs (like a Satyr)
You could have the spell give a bonus to Athletics (page 64).

Increasing the persons size to +01 (at least) would probably increase jump distance.
(the notable lack of movement rules and anything including a Jumping or Leaping mechanic is a distinct hindrance)

MuCo(An) Level 05 R : Personal / D : Diameter / T : Part

This spell transform the legs of the caster into those of a Mountain Goat.
The Target gets a +03 bonus to any roll involving Running or Jumping.

Base 03 / +01 Diameter / +01 Part / +0 Requisite

If you find making Jump rolls too fiddly ,
simply add +01 magnitude to the spell
and allow the caster to leap 10' to 15' from a standing start for the duration of the spell.

thank you that is just what i was looking for