[Spell] Fine Sand of the Scribe

A small spell designed to use leftover Lab Total points when inventing another spell... there aren't many low-level CrTe spells!

Fine Sand of the Scribe (CrTe 5)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind

Create up to 1 cubic foot of very fine and pure sand, of the type used by scribes to dry out their pages. Note that if it is used for that purpose, the sand must be brushed off from the page before the spell expires to prevent the blotted ink from falling back onto the page.

(Base magnitude: 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 quality of the sand)

I have a player who's Jerbiton scribe is going to love you for this. Nice, elegant spell.

I really like it. Typically not something your Terram magus would bother with, but in my sagas this is exactly the stuff specialists make with their left-over time: Small utility spells that their sodales who don't specialize in the same area can use.

Very nice. (And stolen :wink: )

The creator of the spell has the Mercurian Magic virtue, as well as Weak Spontaneous Magic, so spontaneous casting is time-consuming and difficult. This will lead to a host of small utilitarian formulaic spells like this one.

Glad you like it!

I do not think that the extra magnitude for "quality of the sand" is necessary -- magically created materials are already perfect specimens of their type.

Also, I'd think that for drying ink Diameter duration would be more effective: it's more than enough, and you are not left with the sand lying around for a long time (which can be annoying).

Saving those two magnitudes could be used to boost Range to Voice, and size to 100 cubic paces -- enough that the spell could be used, in a pinch, to bury an opponent (or even a small group) and buy the magus a quick escape.

Well, there is perfect sand, and perfect sand that's been processed and prepared specifically for scribing tasks. I looked up sand used to blot ink in calligraphy (one of my wife's hobbies is calligraphy and illumination). Check out pounce.

Actually, I used the longer duration because it means you don't have to cast the spell each time you have a page to dry. You fill in a container and can use it all day long. You can even leave it in the scriptorium for your scribe to use.

The would certainly be a possibility, but then the sand would not be the type that can be used for scribing. Different spell, for a different purpose.

Yup. You could use yours to get a lab bonus to make that spell though. :slight_smile:

Surprisingly good, simple little spell. Great idea actually.