Spell for Moderation

Tenebrous Spell Parry
This is a spell developed by Tenebrous specifically to fight mages. The spell is pretty much useless unless mastered with the fast cast ability. It is cast on an enemy magus’ spell. It changes the target of the spell. It can change a spell of up to level 20 but it must beat the enemy mages penetration total (meaning that the mastery ability penetration is also a good idea). Typically the change of target is either the enemy mages shield grog or himself. The irony of being struck down by ones own spells appeals to Tenebrous dark sense of humour.
(Base 15 (gen), +2 voice)

I like this spell, its subtle and sneaky. Would you need one spell of its kind for each form though as some of the other MuVi spells do (some do, some don't there appears to be no guideline)?

My thoughts would be to ignore penetration total just because it would make game play faster

Require the spell to be form specific if it only has to beat the level of the target spell

allow a non form specific spell that needs to double the level of the target spell.

We had more or less this discussion last week.


Hmmmm, at work at the moment so take all of this with a healthy dollop of Serfs parma.

IIRC you NEED to beat the penetration of the enemy magus' spell to affect it as he casts, this is mentioned in the Muto Vim guidelines. Although i certainly agree it would speed play to strike this out.

This spell needs to beat so it'll have to be form specific, I guess i'll be making an ignem version first, or make one tailored to my foe (for an upcoming wizards war).

Certainly makes the spell less useful, but i kind of like the idea of making specific spells to counter an enemies abilities. Kind of a long build up to the actual month of wizards war.