Spell for Review : Conjuring the Magi's Stronghold

Conjuring the Magi's Stronghold
Creo Terram 45, Ritual, Casting requisites optional

Range : Touch
Duration : Momentary
Target : Group

Causes a castle to grow from the ground as the spell is cast. This includes all the various types of buildings that make up a castle, though it is limited to no more than 100 paces on a side in size, and no more than 40 feet high, with the foundations set 20 feet into the ground. If no requisites are used, all of the fittings and hardware are metal. If an Herbam requisite is used with the spell, then wooden construction can be used as well. The layout of the keep is determined by the caster before casting. The caster's sigil and personality quirks often manifest themselves in the resulting construction...

Design :

Base : Create Base Metal (5) (Allows for metal hardware)
Range : Touch (+1)
Duration : Mom. (+0)
Target : Group (+1)

Other : Elaborate Design (+3)(Includes possible Herbam Requisite for wooden construction).
Other : Really BIG Target (+3)


And if you do +2 size, you can make a really big covenant...

Ed C

I've a minor quibble. The target of creo spells should be either individual or group (there's a text box in the opening of the spells chapter). So rather than doing target boundry you should do it as target group with a +2 size modifier.

@me grumbles and fumes about "more exceptions to rules" than "adhering to rules" and edits the spell to reflect that.


Now that is a cool spell!

I can just see it...
After spending years of study in an old beaten down, ramshackle covenant, Magus Terragus levels the covenant he and his sodales have lived in for many decades, and overnight produces the covenant of their dreams!

Ed C

I created a basically identical spell, except I only used stone. From the spells wiki:

Conjuring the Mystic Structure
CrTe 40 Ritual
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Group
An elaborate stone structure, formed in accordance with mundane building techniques, rises out of the ground. The structure is up to 10,000 cubic paces in size, and up to 80 feet tall at its highest point. You determine the design of the chambers within.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +3 size, +3 elaborate design)
Contributer: Yair.
Notes: Unlike Conjuring the Mystic Tower, this spell creates parts (tiles, stones, and so on) and magically puts them together. The result is a place with a more mundane feel to it, a structure that could have been formed by human artisans.