Spell Guideline: Moving a Portion of Your Mind?

Long story short, I'm looking for what you guys think would be an appropriate guideline level (and amount of Ritual-ness) for doing something that's seen admittedly quite rarely in medieval understandings of magic but which still intrigues me an incredible amount... Namely, taking a portion of your own mind and sealing it into something, to serve any number of possible purposes (and, I admit, each of these purposes might require their own unique spell, though I'm not sure). Perhaps you want to leave behind a really exceptional illusory version of yourself that possesses some of your will and knowledge as a sort of ghost, so you put it into the illusion-generating item. Perhaps you've just found a slumbering god-like entity (perhaps a titan?) and want to insert some of your will and consciousness into its mind in order to, say, influence its actions when it awakens. Maybe you're a crazy nonbeliever and think that sealing part of your mind in something would allow somebody to bring you back later, because souls schmouls right?

Anyway, what do you fine members of the community think would be (an) appropriate guideline(s) for something like this? It doesn't appear to break Limits, so I don't think it will require a Breakthrough, but maybe somebody will disagree; if you do, mention how hard you think the Breakthrough would be.

Exchange of the Two Minds gives a base ReMe 20 to move a whole mind (this isn't in the guidelines; I'm extrapolating from the calculation line).

So, ReMe 20, move to Part, and work from there.

A memory would be Part of a living mind... hmmm.

Ah, yes... That does make a sort of sense. Thank you.

I like this, but for a different reason. I might want to take part of my mind, say the part that remembers the bad thing I did, and store it away before the Quasitores ask me any questions. Stuff like that

Hm. That seems like something you're going to want back though. And that sounds like it might be difficult to implement. Then again, there's precedent in the Year duration of Exchange of the Two Minds, but my understanding of Rego magic is that once you affect something, the effect stays after the magic expires. So... Hm.

Rego magic can permanently move things that can naturally be permanently moved.

Looking at the Rego Imaginem spells its clear that moving images out of place always resets at the end of the spell. The Exchange of Two Minds spell indicates that the same is true for minds; so temporarily moving part of a mind should work fine.

Muto Mentem to transforms minds on objects, there are examples on HoH: Societates, in Jerbiton chapter.
Re(Mu)Me(Te) or Mu(Re)Me(Te) could work.

Ritual Creo? Creates a (permanent, due to vis) copy of the memories? Would need to be done by the magus whos memories they were, though.

how long does a memory last? Please remember that "Momentary Ritual" does not mean "Permanent".

I would say a memory (whether real or CrMe+vis) lasts forever in ArM5. The reason for this is there seems to be a difference between the memory and recalling the memory. Those CrMe spells in HoH:TL, for instance, don't create memories but rather enhance the ability to recall the tiniest bits of memories that were made. So the memories seem to be present in great detail much later even if a character cannot recall those memories' details. Interestingly, this is not unreasonable when we look at a modern understanding of Alzheimer's - it seems to be more an issue of accessing the memories than their lack of presence as lost memories can be recalled at later times and sometimes with remarkable clarity, but making the connections to get to those memories is challenging.

A free-standing memory?

Huh? I don't get it. Are you saying we'll create a memory outside of a mind? I don't see that that would work, just like CrHe a tree in a volcano won't go so well. But that's not needed for the suggestion of using CrMe to work, and the method wasn't described in the post. You can CrMe memories in your own mind. Then you can move them to an object using other magic without losing any of your own memories. Or you can grant intelligence to something and then CrMe memories into it.

The Art of Memory Ability might be a place to look for some ideas.

I think you're well within the scope of the RAW, consider the Mentem effect that turns a section of the casters mind into a bird (I forget the effect name and levels/base-no books to hand). It uses the mind to object guideline.

So a spell from base can do that then it could just as easily create a ghost, or human shell or similar. The trick then is the specifics of what you are after, a full copy of your mind, just a memory, an aspect of your persona?
I'd argue that additions effects would be needed or need to be crafted so the effect has a long duration; but certainly doable without it automatically being a ritual.