Spell Guidelines

This came up in another thread (the one about moving water around), but since it's more of general interest in the game, I'd post it as a new subject.

Several of the Rego guidelines mentions unnatural movement in various degrees. But what will the difference between unnatural and very unnatural be?

If I understand this correctly, it goes like this: a round rock lies on the ground, halfway up a hill. ReTe with natural movement might make it roll down the slope. ReTe with unnatural movement might make it roll up the slope. ReTe with very unnatural movement might make it fly up the slope.

So is this right?


Naaaw... Very Unnatural would be bouncing and twisting up the slope while doing a little jig. Flying would be unnatural. Because a rock could conceivably fly, if it was tossed or some such.

So what is teleporting the rock around? Use Corpus Guidelines?

My point is if the different Guideline tables can be used for all the different forms.

Let me make a challenge. I'm looking to invent a spell that creates three fist sized globes of water. These will levitate near my character, and when ordered to do so, they will start orbiting the magus in incredible speed, trailing water behind them. This will damage and knock away enemies trying to close in for melee, and it might knock away arrows and such. It should also be a very impressive effect to look at.
So the challenge is, how do I invent this? What level should it be? :slight_smile:


Actually i'd be interested to know if teleporting guidelines for forms fit in with the Corpus guidelines. This came up while discussing the Acme Anvil spell with one of my players (theres a thread about it recently). We house ruled that it did follow corpus guidelines but would be nice if there was some official line or concensus on this.

Well, if it does, I have a problem with my vis siphon thing. And how d'you teleport things TO you? same guidelines with the addition of ranges and targets?