Spell Idea and Dimicatio Question

I have been thinking of a new spell idea. PeVi10 Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat. Basically, it is similar to Winds of Mundane Silence, with the exception that the Target is scaled down two magnitudes from Group to Individual. This gives it two more magnitudes of power. Aimed at a single existing magical effect or one that is incoming (if successfully fast cast), it dispels/counters the magical effect if I can double the level of the target spell rolling a Stress Die + 20 (the level of the spell + two magnitudes). It can otherwise function similar to Winds of Mundane Silence, with the aforementioned exception that it can only be used on one magical effect at a time, deliberately targeted, as opposed to a group/room of effects.

What do you guys think of this? I figure it could be useful in Dimicatio and in Wizard's War :smiling_imp:

Dimicatio question: can I use Wizard's Leap as a counter spell? They fire off their spell, but I fast cast WL and pop up directly behind them. If I beat their initiative, would that count as successfully removing myself as a valid target for the opponent's spell?

The spell looks good to me.

I'd want to review HoH:Societas before I ventured a guess regarding Dimicatio...


I'd say that leaping would be cheating, the contest is about fast cast defenses.