Spell Mastery - Self Study

Morning all

Can you spend a season studying a spell you know to achieve your first level in mastery?

If so, how would you generate a study total?

I know you can study a tract/summ on mastery?

Presumably you can be taught by another thereby receiving a study total


Yes, you can spend a season Practicing a spell you know and will earn 5 px (i.e., the first level) in Spell Mastery. More info in the core book, page 164, fourth exception under "Practice".

Yes, you can. This would be practicing a spell for mastery [ArM5 p.164], with a base Source Quality of 5.


Hey guys thanks for that!

It amazes me that i,ve read AM 5th loads of times yet i miss things!

I think it's testament to the complexity & depth of the game that i keep asking 'obvious' questions


I wonder how many readers allow for gaining Master xp when using or developing the spell. Two XP in exposure while creating it? Applying adventure XP to spell mastery if you used the spell?

Also if a lab had the Spell Specialization would you allow that to benefit a spell mastery while you practice the spell?

Our troupe allows adventure experience to count to spll mastery if the player uses the spell (even once) during an adventure -- up to five points per season. Exposure experience? That's an interesting idea! Will suggest and impliment should it find favor.

As for a lab feature ... what do you propose? Seems that we get enough of a bump from those features that add to spell or item lab totals as discussed in the Covenants book.

I'm not sure, one could argue that the spell is not finished sufficiently until the end of the season, so how could you do this?
But really, it does make sense! Why not use the experience you get while inventing it for this, instead of Arts or Magic Theory.

Lab specialized in Spells applies for Lab Totals, not Study Quality.

Adventure Exp is often used for Mastery in the sagas I play. At least I do it.

using the spell no problem. Practice, teaching, exposure, adventure, books on the subject... all can be used for spell mastery. lab xp while actually inventing the spell has never been tried IMS, but I guess the troupe would have said "no".

Works for me