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So for trying to invent an invisibility without shadows, I found the thread below, where Mark Shirley explains that the shadow happens because the ground isn't emitting species because light isn't hitting it. The thread tosses around a number of ideas for ways to create invisibility without a shadow, but the one I find most useful is this:

So my question is, this idea is presented as MuCo, but could you see PeCo (or indeed Perdo anything) being used to destroy the property of opacity, similarly to how PeTe can destroy the property of weight of a suit of armor in HOH:S?

it could certainly be researched, and is a reasonable conjecture from which to begin the research.

Cool. But needs a BT, not just a spell invention, I take it?


Would the breakthrough be just for that specific effect, or would it be broader, allowing a range of additional Perdo applications?

it would depend on how exactly it was pursued...

What are your feeling on a might-stripper spell (PeVi) with a +1 mag Rego req that causes the lost might to be harvested as Vis?

if you want to work on a breakthrough to live harvest vis from magical creatures then you can do that when you have the lab time, but at this point there is no known way of doing that outside of infernalism.

By the book, Fast-Casting can't have alterations to standard words and gestures; does that include the effects of the Subtle/Silent Magic virtues and Quiet/Still Spell Mastery abilities? Or do those override?

Virtues override, because they don't require consideration.
Mastery is a different animal- fast casting is only allowed for spontaneous spells or with the fast casting mastery ability- if you have mastered fast casting a spell and mastered silent casting the same spell I presume you have used them together. What is not allowed is fast casting and using different casting options that are not routine for that character's virtues and/or mastery.

Word of Negation; PeVi 20; Voice, Mom, Ind; Dispel any effect level equal to or less than half of Stress Die +30

My question; if I am not able to perceive magical effects, but I cast this on a person who has effects active, will it dispel one of them at random (assuming it penetrates)? Or do I need to be able to target the effects themselves?

NM. I see my mistake.

+30. base is 10 +2 mags for voice.

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I'm hoping that the spell can be used as a counterspell to target effects someone is casting (obviously with Fast-Cast mastery) (would need to have pen value equal to the pen value of the spell being cast) and also as a way to dispel buffs/parma (needing pen value to overcome MR). I think that works, but want to confirm.

its the same as casting with voice range at someone behind a wall- if you can tell they are there you don't need to see them. You can perceive a spell effect, you can perceive a spell being cast, however it works as long as you know there is something there that you are targeting instead of simply "to whom it may concern"

I see. So I can target an effect I can't perceive if I'm still doing it as a discrete target? Parma, for instance, or if someone has an effect I can see the results of but am not currently perceiving with Vim (i.e. targeting the spell that's turning someone into a hawk if I think there is such an effect active)? (Not planning on dispelling Parma's all over the place but he is a hoplite).

yes, provided it is a valid perception, and not, for example, assuming every hawk is a person transformed. Also you have to have some vague idea of what caused the effect- is it a hawk beause someone cast a spell on them, because they have an enchanted item or skinchanger, or because of an inherent ability like lycanthrope, heartbeast, or shapeshifter. If you see someone cast a spell on them, no problem, you know. If you see a hawk acting oddly like a person you know, you can make a magic lore+per roll to get an idea, the same way you can make a hearing roll to locate the target behind a wall. Or of course you can use an intelligo effect...

My understanding, the way Threads work, the lowest level is base 10, +1 mag for sense of touch and +3 for details, which ends up being lvl 30 Unless taste is an acceptable sense but the idea of tasting a dead body... I guess I could possibly lower it by one magnitude and only notice magnitudes greater than 1 but then we're into mag 1 minus 2 territory for how the base is written since it relates to detecting negative threads rather than detecting threads at all.

it is very unlikely you would learn much- Minos doesn't know what level you attempted...