Spell Names in Latin

Hey everyone. I'm playing in a Saga set in Cornwall, and I'm something of a research freak.

I was wondering if anyone has ever translated the names of popular spells from the core book, not just the names of the Arts, into Latin.

I have done some online searching at the usual sites (Project Redcap, et al) and come up empty. I thought someone here might have such a file stowed away under "play aids".

I got a big list of names from somewhere, ages ago, and made it into a pretty(er) list. Here you go!

Brilliant! Thanks!

I thought I'd seen this somewhere before. Our line editor, David Chart, did this years ago for third edition.

Matt Ryan

You know, I was just thinking "Hey, didn't I do that?" So long ago I wasn't actually sure...

Wow, it was longer ago than I thought it was... Thanks, David!