Spell that creates volcanoes / pools of lava?

Did a spell like Opening the Earth's Pore ever sneak into 5th edition?

I looked a few weeks back after a player showed an interest. I couldn't see any, though didn't look very thoughly. I couldn't find any spell guidelines for lava either. Although, I couldn't decide what form to check for. Terram, since it's stone. Ignem, due to the heat. Or even Aquam, since it's a liquid.

IMHO it would not be Aquam. Lava is a form stone can take naturally given sufficient heat. Just like ice is Aquam because is is a natural state of water given low enough temperature. But temperatures sufficient to melt rock are rare and not seen in most natural circumstances, so I'd add an Ignem req. Same goes for an effect like Mighty Torrent of Molten Iron, since iron doesn't melt by itself.

These sounds like ignem spells, with a requiste for the terram part. The big thing does seem to be the heat, doesn't it?

Personally, I'd go with Te(Ig). Lava looks more like hot stone/metal than stony fire.

Agreed. Heated up Terram is what it is. Although based on how you can create ice with Aquam without requisites, Terram may be enough on its own.

Aquam would affect the liquid properties of lava, but lava is still stone from the start.
As Terram can effect the solid properties of ice, but ice is still water from the start. Ie. you cant create ice using Terram.

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I think, there is more than one way to skin a cat. PeTe (Pit of Gaping Earth, modified to affect stone and increased by various magnitudes for size, which will certainly force this into ritual-spell level) should do the trick, too. That is, unsless the idea that there is lave deep below is against the Paradigm.

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