Spell Timing Mystery

I have a few questions about the Spell Timing mystery for Merinita, specifically the While (condition) and Not (condition) durations. Both those durations are written in such a way that an action must be (or must not be) performed by the target, which implies the target must be able to act. Do the durations apply to inanimate targets as well? A few examples of what I am getting at:

  • A wagon enchanted with a spell that makes it light While moving
  • A sword with a special version of Blade of Virulant Flame that lasts While wielded
  • A Chamber of Spring Breezes spell with room target that lasts While occupied by the caster

The first two examples seem reasonable to me, with the third being a bit more iffy imo. What do you all think?

While (condition) is not just for actions. It's also if the target

fulfill[s] some common and temporary physical condition

And there is an example (HoH:MC p.80)

Spell Timing (spells that endure while the target is traveling)

So it would seem the first is probably fine. I could personally accept wielded as a "temporary physical condition" for a sword.

But that last one? Perhaps "occupied" might qualify as a "temporary physical condition," but how is the spell supposed to know it's the caster occupying the room rather than someone else in there? I definitely wouldn't accept the last one as written.