Spell to Increase the Fertility of an animal

I am trying to invent a spell to increase the fertility of some animals. The purpose is to increase the size of the flock and ensure the higest quality of the newborns.

This is gonna have to be a ritual because of that but cannot figure out the base for it as I cannot find one that is simular in the CrAn guidelines.

Closest I have found is below, please any help would be appriciated..


Enhanced union of the Beast (30) Ritual
Base 5, +1 Touch, +0 Mom, +4 Boundry

Spell causes the affected animals to be the most fertile, and the young to be the highest quality for the type (refers the the quality of the parents)..

Not sure about it myself.

One thing that would help is ensuring that all your sheep are disease free.
Debilitation and Disease are mentioned on page 180 ArM 05.
You could give all the sheep in an area a bonus to Recovery Rolls.
This can be from +01 at level 01 to +21 at level 20 (Base Effect).

Clear the fields of all plants and critters harmful to sheep.
If the Covenant has the Resources , buy a Prize Ram.
Use a Rego spell to artificially inseminate all the ewes in a given area. :slight_smile:

I think rego's the way to go, as well... though I think you'd probably need to have a good idea of the husbandry involved, but a rego animal ritual would probably be better I think. They talk a bit about this sort of thing in the Hermes Portal on the Isle of Man, either #14 or #15. Plus, you could consider a the herbam ritual as a guideline...I'd figure you want it to last the year-- impregnation to gestation to birth. Interesting idea, wish I had my book handy to punch something up.


I agree that creo is the way to go as you are moving the animals closer to perfection by making them more fertile and improving their ability to generate healthy young.

I would do a duration moon spell during the animals breeding season rather than developing a momentary ritual

So, using your base of 5, I'd do range touch (+1) duration moon (+3) target individual (+0) or group (+2). This will give you a level 25 or 35 spell.