Spell to see through clothes


Ars Magica is one of the very few games where magic is not only a tool of power and destruction/domination, but also a true Art and useful tool. In Ars Magica, one player can very likely create a spell which will have very minor (if not at all) impact on the saga, just for fun. And i come up with such project. My magus, who is somewhat perverted, would like to create a spell that allow him to see through clothes (he didn't realise yet it might be double edged ability :smiley: ).
But now, i find myself confronted with rules. I guess it would be a Herbam/Animal spell (since clothes are made of these stuffs), and probably something with Intellego. And also some kind of "enchant vision". But now, i cannot find any guideline for such effect among Herbam or Animal. So, i wonder if it can be within hermetic possibility. My guess is "yes", since it violate no magic law, but i dont know how to do such effect, since i cannot find spell guideline.
Any suggestion? Thank you :slight_smile:

I guess that would be Muto or Perdo Imaginem (either changing the clothes' vision species into transparent ones or destroying their ability to be seen) with an Animal or Herbam requisite (perhaps both).

Another cool thing would be to have the clothes lose their ability to be felt. Imagine what that would result in.

Intellego Imaginem (Animal, Herbam) (Base 3, Enhance one of your senses in one way (See through material), +0 personal, +1 diameter, +0 individual, free requisites Animal, Herbam): Casting this spell allows, for around two minutes, the magus to see through clothing made of animal or herbam materials.

This would allow only the magus to see, rather than leave clothing to become transparent (and thus make everyone see them!)

If you want to see your target naked, you might as well go for InCo, Base Five (sense a specific information about a body: what does she look like naked?). Least conspicious with eye range.

If you actually want this spell to be useful, you should go for the InHe/An version, so you can detect metal weapons hidden by your target.

Great spell!!!
My verditius magi already likes it :laughing:

Check the InAq and InAu guidelines - I'm sure they mention something about "make your senses unhindered by [medium]".
And go for the same spell in InHe/An

I'm basically in agreement with this interpretation. HoH:TL's chapter on House Guernicus has am InCo spell which allows one to see what someone looks like (presumably naked) from an arcane connection, so an InCo at shorter range should probably get the same effect.

For the "x-ray vision" effect, it really has to be an In(An/He/Co/Te) with target Vision.

I think InCo is basically the only way to go. The species that the body forms are arrested by the cloths, and besides they have nothing to do with An or He. Vision target would work well. Note that you better cast it with zero penetration, less you end up casting a spell on a magus.

Making the medium transparent is... weird. It doesn't change the medium, only your perception of it, so I guess it should be InAn/He. But it isn't like it's telling you something about the medium, either. An option is an InAn/He/Im spell that detects the species that hit the medium; I'd put that at high level and probalby require Finesse as well.

A spell that shows the body is not as good as one that makes the clothes invisible. Seeing the body doesn't help with concealed weapons (or would Herbam weapons also become invisible?).
On the other hand you could see the body from all sides (including behind) with InCo and it is not a group spell because there only is one body.

I wonder: Is there a temporary (diameter or concentration or so) Perdo spell that destroys the clothes for only a few seconds (they become whole again after the durations ends)? You could use it with saddlestraps for cheating at tournaments.

Attacking somebody's clothes might be a great idea anyway: It's a low level spell, so penetration is high and in a crowded area (a court or so) the effect could be, well...

I'd like to remind this thread that the original request was for a perverted magus to develop and see naked people, and not a concealed weaponry system ^^

New research often has many application....

Afterall SUperglue was desgined to replace stitches during the vietnam war (or so is alleged).

+4 vision not +0 individual so level 25. I'd also drop the animal and herbam requisites, it's only the images that you're dealing with.

I imagine that doing an intellego corpus spell to see what that target looks like naked would be the more efficient way to go about it.

Ah, oops. My bad! I did forget vision.

I guess the InCo would be the cheaper alternative.

I still like the ability to see concealed weapons.

A nice cheap effect to grant to a bodyguard

This naked body spell would also allow a person to see through disguises and see injuries and concealed marks such as tattoos.