Spellbook of Amar

Sharing the creations of my experimental druid mage.
Not all of these spells are my personal creations. Some of the spells "suffer" from ingame experiments and/or research of unusual effects.

Quest of the Loyal Companion
ReAn 35 (15, T +1, Moon +3, Ind)
Gives an animal a complex command it carries out to the best of its abilities. The animal will have a memory glimpse of a perfect example of its species giving it its task.

InMe 30 (25, T +1, Mom, Ind)
Thoroughly probes and understands the mind of the target, based on what type of information you desire. The sigil is extremely obvious in this spell as a large flock if birds of to appear from the victim's eyes, ears and mouth, entering Amar's head the same way. While doing this each bird will linger for a moment, and in excitement sing about the memories learned. This song is understandable by anyone understanding birdspeak, but a 15+ awareness is required to distinguish more than a few important words. Even if unconscious the victim will have an intense memory glimpse related to birds.

Conjuring the Living Oak Sanctuary
CrHe 35 Ritual (3, T +1, Mom, Ind, Size +4, Complexity/design +3)
Conjures an gigantic oak, about 6 paces wide at the base, 30 paces tall with a crown reaching 20 paces across. Inside of the three is filled with rooms as the caster chooses, up 1500 square paces in total. Unless cast in fertile soil the tree will be dead already right after casting and may become unsafe in under a decade. In fertile soil the tree will stand strong for at least 100 years and is somewhat self repairing (Free Virtue: Preserved [Speciality Cr/He]). In perfect soil or with the help of magic the tree may live for a millennium before slowly age takes its toll. The casting of the spell starts by planting the vis in the earth. A small tree will sprout, and the magus shape it with his hands as if it was made of clay. The tree then grow to full size in about an hour. When Amar cast this spell wild animals will desire to live in and near the tree, but they will never harm the tree or interior by doing so.

Nut in the Eye
CrHe 4 (1, V +2, Mom, Ind, Precise aim +1)
Creates a small nut with a very precise aim. When Amar casts this spell the nut seems to be thrown by a squirrel on his shoulder.

ReCo 15 (4, Per, Sun +2, Ind, Changing effect +1)
The magus do not fall unless he chose to do so. This spell does not prevent stumbling or tripping, but will stop the magus from falling lower than the height of his feet.

Betrayal of Own Weakness
InMe 30 (15, S +3, Mom, Ind)
You get a complex understanding of what the victim think is his greatest weakness. The spell will also help the magus to comprehend the implications of the weakness and how to abuse it. Sigil: The victim will have a short memory glimpse of stumbling or tripping distracted by the sudden sight of an animal.

Beast Ward
ReAn 5 (2, T+1, Sun +2, Ind)
Mundane beasts cannot harm the target by their own will. Sigil: Anyone affected will smell slightly like an animal for the duration of the spell.

Imagined Travel Incarnated
ReCo 40 (35, T +1, Mom, Ind)
Teleport a person to an AC. This spell takes 15 minutes to cast (and get bonuses as for ceremonial casting) while the magus meditates and imagines a mundane travel to the designated spot. The magus does not need to know the way to the spot to do so. The person teleported will have a short memory flash of the travel imagined. When Amar cast this spell he always imagine traveling as an animal, and the traveller seems to take the form of the animal during the ceremony.

Hymn of the Walking Tree
ReHe 40 (5, V +2, Sun +2, Size +3)
The caster order a large tree to move around as desired, it does not need to remain rooted. It might be given simple tasks like “smash that” or “follow me”, but will have problems doing delicate tasks due its lack of senses and intelligence. When Amar cast this spell a group of small animals seem inhabit the three and lead its way.

The Spark of Life
CrAu 30 (S +3, Mom, Ind, Unnatural +2)
Creates a bolt of lightning to strike from the sky. The spell will only function when both the magus and the target is in view of the sky, but may function in any weather; even with clear blue skies. The lightning strikes for +30 damage, and everyone near the target must succeed on a 6+ size check to remain standing. The lightning shines in a clear green color. It will not harm living plants and where it strikes a small flower will appear. Sigil: The silhouettes of a group of birds will flee from the spot right before the lightning strikes.

Vision of the Companion
InAn 30 (10, T +1, Sun +2, Ind, Can be cast on others +1)
Let you see whatever an animal sees. The spell might be cast to let an animal give vision to another touched target. Sigil: Both the animal and the recipient gain eyes looking like the other for the duration of the spell.

Call of the Flock
ReAn 15 (2, T +1, Sun +2, Group +2)
You incline a group of herd or pack animals with the idea that you are the natural leader of the flock. The animals must be calm and not hostile at the time of casting. This spell will only work for the gentle gifted or a magus inoffensive to animals, or while shapeshifted /appearing as an animal of the same spicies.

One With the Flock
MuCo(An) 15 (10, Per, Special +1, Ind)
The caster is transformed to a mammal. The transformation only works for mammals size -2 to +2 and only for as long as there is non-hostile animals of that type nearby. Any action outside the animal’s normal capability requires a concentration roll.

One With the Steed
ReCo(An/He) 25 (15, Sun +2, Ind)
You synergize your body with your mount. You will never fall off. Skill checks are only required for extreme maneuvers, and you suffer two less botch dices. You don’t apply load to your mount and you suffer half fatigue and no motion sickness related to the travel. This spell can be cast with an An requisite for riding animals or a He requisite for carts or boats.

Witch’s Broom
ReHe 25 (T +1, Sun +2, Ind)
Your broom (or staff or similar wooden object) becomes a swift flying mount for the duration of the spell.

Ward Against the Oldest Trick in the Book
ReTe 20 (5, Per, Sun +2, Ind, Stone +1)
Soak +15 against stone (mundane and magical).

Ward Against Weather
ReAu(AqIg) 20 (5, T +1, Ring +2, Circle)
Protects against all types of mundane weather.

Coat of Flames
CrAq(Ig) 15 (3, Sight +3, Mom, Ind, Ignite +1)
Creates and ignites a flammable liquid causing +12 damage. The effect only last for a moment, but anything easily flammable will catch fire.

Prison of the Arctic
CrAq(Re) 30 (4, Voice +2, Dia +1, Ind, Ice +1, Size +2)
Creates ice around a spot you desire. The ice will fill around 2 paces high and 3 paces radius around the target. This will give a +18 aiming for the primary target, and might catch additional victims in the area.

Curse of Formica
Cr(Re)Aq 5 (0, Sight +3, Sun +2, Ind)
Cover a target in corrosive acid dealing +0 damage each round. The Rego requisite make sure the acid stays on the target. In Amar's version of the spell the target seems to have soldier ants crawling all over him.

Whispers of Withering
Cr(ReCo)Aq 5 (0, AC +4, Conc +1, Ind)
Covers a human with corrosive liquid that cannot be removed as long as the spell lasts. The liquid deals +0 damage each round. In Amar's version of the spell the target seems to have soldier ants crawling all over him.

Eyes and Ears from Afar
InIm 20 (2, AC +4, Conc +1, Ind, Intricate effect +1)
You can see and hear whatever is near the designated spot. You can move your viewpoint around but can only sense things within 15 paces from the target. Sigil: a small animal seem to be snooping around in the designated spot.

Unleashing the Wrath of the Storm
ReAu 25 (5, S +3, Mom, Ind, Unnatural +1)
Potent +8 (Oak branch struck by lightning +3, Pin feather +2, Amber +3)
Causes a bolt of lightning to strike from existing storm clouds. The spell is aimed magically and must therefore penetrate. On its way down the lightning might take up to one sharp turn and this allow it to strike quite unlikely targets. The lightning strikes for +30 damage, and everyone near the target must succeed on a 6+ size check to remain standing. In Amar's version of this spell the sharp screech of a bird might be heard from the clouds, soon to be deafened by the thunder’s roar.

Thor’s Hammer
Mastery 1: Multicasting
ReAu 15 (5, T +1, Mom, Ind, Choice of aim +1)
Potent +8 (Symbolic hammer made of a norse pagan +5, Oak branch struck by lightning +3)
The magus slams a cloud within reach causing a lightning to strike. The magus may chose to aim the lightning at a target within sight, if so resistance applies. If not aimed the lightning will strike a random plausible target close to right under where it is created. In both cases, the lightning will never harm the magus himself. The lightning strike for +30 damage, and everyone near the target must succeed on a 6+ size check to remain standing. In Amar's version of this spell the thunder sounds like trampling hoofs in the sky.

Call of the Great Migration
ReAn 45 (35, V +2, Mom, Ind)
Teleports an animal to an arcane connection. In Amar’s version of the spell he calls out in the voice of the animal teleported. The animal has a memory of traveling long distances with Amar.

Landed Storm
Mastery 1: Fast Cast
CrAu 25 (3, T+1, Sun +2, Ind, Size +1, Very unnatural +2)
Creates storm clouds over an area about a mile across and up to a hundred paces high. The clouds spawn from where the magus is standing, so if the magus stands on the ground, the clouds will appear right over land. It is impenetrable to sight for distances over one pace, and sound only carry one quarter the normal distance. The spell will not scare or hinder wild mundane animals unless the caster want it to.

True Sight of Air
InAu 25 (1, T +1, Sun +2, Vision +4, Can be cast on humanoids and animals +1)
Lets the target see clearly through all manner of obfuscation in the air nearby, including smoke, fog, and dust, even if the obfuscation is magical.

Eye of the Storm
ReAu 35 (Unique, Per, Sun, Sphere)
For the duration of the spell no weather phenomena, including auram spells up to level 35 will not be able to enter a sphere with a radius of 15 paces around the caster. For higher level auram effects: increase soak by +15. The sphere will follow the maga around as he moves.

Breath of Wind
ReAu 10 (Unique, Sight, Mom, Ind)
The winds carry the magi’s breath to a place of your choice within line of sight. This may include enough wind to blow out a candle, make a few spoken words hearable in a different spot or, if you breathe in, give you an idea of what a place smells like.

Song of Caer Ibormeith
Mastery 1: Magic resistance (sleep/wake)
Restriction: To cast this spell the caster must sing with a firm or loud voice.
ReMe 40 (4, Sight +3, Dia +1, Group +2, Size +1, Changing effect +1)
The caster sings out a few word with the power to make a group of up to 200 humans either wake up or fall asleep. The affected will have dreams about beautiful swans.

Which means that if the spell doesn't add up, it's not your fault? :laughing:

Better to either list the "base" spell (before experimentation/etc.), or be specific as to how the experimentation altered the spell +/-.

Peering into the Mortal Mind (p 149) by another name, no?

Not sure if an oak has a trunk like that (sequoias and california redwoods, more), but for a magical tree... meh.

Note: Assuming a cylindrical trunk 6 paces wide... If 6 paces = 18', and we assume only 1' thick walls, Pi x R[sup]2[/sup] = Pi x 8' x 8' = 200 ft[sup]2[/sup] per level - enough for a very cramped lab, but not much more. (And that ignores how one gets from one level to the next.)

So, while living "inside" the tree is a cool concept, having some sort of outside "treehouse" arrangement might be more practical for a couple reasons.

I'd toss in a "free" Creo requisite to guarantee a healthy and long-lived tree. (The Creo isn't really doing a lot except explaining how a tree that hollow is able to live.)

How is this "thrown by a squirrel"? There is no Rego - this conjures a nut, which then must be thrown by the caster/someone - right?

Not sure what you're trying to do here.

"Changing effect" doesn't seem necessary for a simple Levitation - which is a Lvl 10 canon effect (p 134).

If you're trying to allow him to walk/run in the branches of any tree ("over surfaces that cannot support it"), it needs to be reworded and renamed to that effect, since the Effect is different than what most understand as "Levitation".


  1. no guarantee that the target will have an accurate assessment of his own greatest weakness.
  2. There is no apparent reason this spell should help with a tactical analysis of the info. That requires "intelligence" that few spell effects reflect.

(...skip over several canon effects...)

Not sure how this is transferable. The "other target touched" is not a "Target" nor a "target" in any standard sense - merely adding them to the spell with a +1 magnitude does not fit any Hermetic guidelines I can think of atm - but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Do you have a (non-eccentric) example of this?

(gotta go, more later?