Spells by technique excel program

A friend of mine made a nifty excel spreadsheet that allows you to input your arts and any current aura, and get a list of spells that magus could REASONABLY cast spontaneously. You can also type in what your stress die would be to generate the list. I think it's handy to get an idea of what your options are as a spontaneous caster.

Download it here: skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D ... C09!225874
It was created by Tyler Batdorf of Norman, OK.


Not sure if the link is right. I see an Excel Online workbook with three tabs, one of Spells sorted by Techqniue, then by Form, and then a sheet with numbers without labels on it.

Whoops! I edited it. It should work now. There are two workbook tabs at the bottom. Input all info in the "Arts" tab, and on the other tab, click the "Filter" button in the top right. You'll need to click "open in excel" to download it, otherwise I don't think you can edit it.

it could just be my isntallation, but it won't let me download the file into XL.


I had that problem too. It offered me some kind of weird online viewing option, but that didn't seem to work very well.

It opens it in Office online, and for that limited program, the macros don't work. You should be able to click "open in excel" in the top left and it will open after warning you that online files sometimes have viruses. This one shouldn't. If you don't have excel, you won't be able to use it.

I would, instead, convert to a Google sheet for slightly wider adoption/utility...