Spells for comfort in the stinky parasite pit that is ME

I did an admittedly limited search to try to find if there's been a thread about spells to help deal with the ickiness of Mythic Europe. The lice, the bedbugs, tapeworm, etc. Also just spells or items to make life easier.

Here's the kind of things I'm thinking of. Things which in game mechanic terms are near useless, however, I can imagine a magi in an era without worm tablets thinking of options.

Spells like

Eradicate the unwanted guests

Destroy all parasites such as lice, worms and nits from the Magi.

The cleanest Magi
PeAn Req: Co and He

Destroy everything on the magi that is not of the magi. Dust under the fingernails, grime in the hair, parasites, stains, food trapped in the teeth, all is eradicated.

Exhibita of house Merinita had a variant of this spell she cast on wizards who she felt were too stuffy and pretensious. It's generally recommended to cast this spell not wearing clothes.

The Perfumed Privy


The smell coming from the Privy smells of roses instead of the normal scent.

The hot rock

When put in a moderate sized body of water, the water instantly comes to the temperature for a good warm bath.

The frying pan
When the command word is said, this pan warms up to the perfect cooking temperature.


I believe creating germs is Perdo and killing them is Creo. Weird, isn't it?

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Not at all!
If you're not familiar with the existence of germs, it makes perfect sense.

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I have this spell which is kind of in the same vein:

The invisible groomer
ReCo lvl 10*
Range: Touch, Duration: Mom, Target: Ind.
This spell tidies up its target, causing them to look freshly groomed. It will cause the target to appear as if they are freshly rested (remove eye-pouches, wrinkles etc), make the targets hair into any hairstyle they can imagine and manage the Finesse roll to create, though the hairstyle needs to be secured immediately after casting the spell as it is not sustained. The spell will also do any such grooming as can be done solely upon the targets body, like shaving and trimming nails.
This spell was invented by a lab rat with penchant for staying up too late and falling asleep over their work, only to be woken up by important guests that they would like to make a good impression on.
NB: The guideline for the spell doesnt exist in the core book so I used "control the large scale physical movements of a target" as an equivalent magnitude. It seems to me that the guideline for this spell really ought to exist even though it doesnt.
Also note that the spell does not break the limit of fatigue since it doesnt actually make fatigue go away it merely creates the appearance of it.
(Base 4, +1 touch, +1 flexibility)

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At some point for a character of mine I made up a list of what they could do with Non-Fatiguing Spontaneous Magic, a lot of which falls into this category of "not important, but sometimes useful" spells. It's very restricted by his favoured arts, and some of these do actually have some game utility so not an exact match, but still:

Wizard, Know Thyself InCo 5
A personal range spell for finding any flaws in your own body - if you have some medicine skill this can be used for self check ups, otherwise it helps you to tell a physician what the problem is and ease diagnosis.

Spell of Orientation InCo 4
Similar to The Inexorable Search, but instead of locating someone you have an arcane connection to on a map it locates the magus in the same way. Very useful if one gets very lost and happens to have a map (which has presumably been misread to get lost).

Rise of the Feathery Body ReCo 5
Same as the core spell, but personal range. Useful for floating up to high shelves.

Desperate Arrest of the Deadly Fall ReCo 5
Stops all motion of the caster for a moment. If cast during a fall it reduces any damage inflicted to what would be taken from the height the magus was at when they finished casting. Usually needs to be cast in haste, but can be a literal life saver.

Ward Against Minor Flames ReIg 5
Personal ward giving +5 soak against fire, and protecting against most normal fires. Generally useful, but in a mundane setting if you're dealing with a hearth or campfire, or cooking, it prevents minor burns.

Magi's Lullaby ReMe 4
Forces the caster to fall asleep. A must have for the insomniac Magus.


thats a really cool little list of minor spells. It is amazing how much you can achieve when using Range:Personal.

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