Spells for the poor Covenants

Worried about how you will equip your Grogs when you have not even a single Pound to pass to that Armor merchant? Here are a selection of spells that will keep your Grogs properly outfitted so that they may impose your will as well as protect your life.

Kit for the Grumbling Grog
CrTe 25 With He and An Requisites
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

This spell creates a Chainmail Cuirass, complete with cloth padding and leather staps. It requires an Int + Finesse roll of 15 to create the suit from nothing (12 for Hard task for a Mundane craftsman +3 for magic) and the suit defaults to a Size 0 man, add 1 to the difficulty of the Finesse roll if the size must be changed to either +1 or -1. A Finesse roll of 15+ indicates a fine Full suit of Chain, using the normal stats found on page 176. A roll of 10-14 indicates it either fits poorly or has gaps in its protection causing either a -1 Soak or a +1 Load. A roll of 5-10 indicates a poor suit having -1 Soak and +1 Load. 0-5 has both penalties also, and every hit the wearer takes reduces the Soak by one as it literally starts to fall apart. A botch should make a suit that seems fine, but begins to affect the wearer's combat stats as soon as a fight begins, a cumulative -1 to attack and defense each round.

Base: 5 (create a cubic foot of Base Metal), +1 Range, +2 Duration, + 1 Requisite

Options: The Duration can be increased to Moon for only 1 extra Magnitude. Or it can be changed to Momentary, for a Ritual spell, and the level would stay at 20. Several suits could be made by changing the Target to Group; up to 10 suits of Chain could be made. The Finesse roll could be simpler by changing the Armor to a less complicated suit, such as Metal Scale, which would reduce the Finesse roll to 12. If the wizard has the materials at hand Rego could be used instead and reduce the Duration to Momentary without making it a Ritual, the level would become 10 but the Finesse roll would stay the same.

Magical Fangs
CrTe 20 with An Requisite
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

This spell creates a long sword out of the air, its handle wrapped in fine leather cord, the caster's Sigil typically appearing in the pommel or along the blade in some fashion. An Int+Finesse roll of 12+ must be made (9 difficulty for an Average task for a Mundane craftsman, +3 for magic). If the Finesse roll is lower than 12 the sword performs poorly, reducing its damage by 2. A botch on the roll would produce an inferior blade that will shatter on either the first strike it makes or blow it defends against.

Base: 5 (create a cubic foot of Base Metal), +1 Range, +2 Duration

This spell can be modified in much the same way as the armor options above, including using Rego instead of Creo if materials are present. It should be noted that unless the spell is made into a Ritual, or otherwise given a Momentary Duration (like with Rego) means that the weapon would be affected by Magic Resistance, as it is a magical creation (and thus need to use the Penetration score and its derivatives). Many magi have no problem with this as they will be safe(r) if their Grogs should turn on him with these wepaons (many will take the further step of casting the spell without Penetration just in case).

The Shield Grog's trusted Friend
CrHe 5 with a Te Requisite
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

"What is a Shield Grog without a shield? Whatever he is, he is no Shield Grog." quipped Antagonistae of House Tytalus when he finally invented the spell after several botched attempts to perform it Spontaneously. This creates a simple wooden Round Shield, rimmed in metal (page 176-177). It requires an Int+Finesse roll of 9 (difficulty 6 for Easy task for mundane craftsman, +3 for magic).

Base 2 (create a processed plant product) +1 Range, +2 Duration

This can benefit from the same options as above, if made into a Ritual it would automatically bump the level to 20. A further option would be to create it as a Heater Shield. This would change the spell to CrTe with an He requisite, the level would become 20, and the Finesse roll 12 for the greater difficulty.

The Fondest Wish of the Whining Turb (Ritual)
CrTe 45 with An and He Requisite
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Group

This spell was created by the renowned Verditian and smith, Vulcantus, in his bid to become an Archwizard. While the spell is impressive, it was only cast once and retired to the libraries of Verdi and Durenmar due to its high expense, it would certainly cost less Vis and effort to merely summon the gold and silver necessary to buy the equipment.

This spell creates a full kit of armor (full chain), sword (long) and shield (heater) for a turb of up to 10 men. When Vulcantus cast it, his Sigil of gleaming perfection was apparent on them all making them highly coveted. A very high Int+Finesse roll of 21+ is required for these items to be in proper working order (an 18, Impressive task, for a mundane craftsman, +3 for magic). Failure to make this roll produces impressive looking equipment that has a tendency to fail spectacularly in combat. For every 5 points lower than 21 on the Finesse roll the wearer or user of ANY piece of this kit rolls an extra Botch dice during combat. A botch on the Finesse roll will cause an automatic botch in the first round of actual combat it's used in, likely to cause a fatal incident.

Base: 5 (create an amount of metal), +1 Range, +2 Target, +2 Requisites, +2 for extra material, +1 for special effect

The Invisible Journeyman
CrTe 35 with Pe, An, He, Aq, Co Requisites
R: Touch D: Ring T: Circle

This spell can save a Covenant on the salary of blacksmiths and the maintenance of equipment. The caster will typically choose the storage chamber for the equipment and draws a circle almost flush to the walls (a round room is preferred). The spell will then maintain armor and weapons placed within the circle, keeping them polished, gleaming and oiled. The CrTe keeps the materials from rusting and decaying. The requisites for An and He are to maintain those materials, while the Pe destroys dirt and debris (Te) and even blood and viscera (An and Co). Finally the Aquam makes a thin layer of protective oil on weapons and armor, much as a journeyman smith would do to maintain his lord's kit. With this enchantment cost savings can be applied as per the rules in the Covenants book.

Base: 5 (create/maintain an amount of base metal), +1 Range, +2 Duration, +2 for Requisites (creating oil, destroying dirt), +1 for special effect on multiple items

Unless I'm very much mistaken, Creo spells shouldn't need finesse rolls - the very point of Creo is that it allways makes a perfect spesimen. Crafting spells (Re) on the other hand require those, as you actually need to shape the product yourself.

What do people think about gving some of these spells an extra magnetude due to requisite.

For a sword that has a leather wrapped handle instead of a wire wrapped handle I don't believe that the extra magnetude is appropriate.

Kit for the grumbling grog however clearly is more than creating an amount of metal. Does this fall under "if the spell would not function without the requisite then no level adjustment is needed"?

On page 77 under the description of Creo it specifically states that an Int+Finesse roll is required.

"Creating an artificial thing by magic requires some skill on the part of the magus, reflected by hisFinesse Ability. An Int + Finesse roll is made to determine how good the created thing is."

I got the difficulty levels from the Covenants book which states that creating things by magic is typically 3 higher than the difficulty for a Mundane craftsman to make it.

I could see that I suppose and add an extra magnitude, that would make it level 25. For the other ones I did include the extra magnitude or two for the extra effects that the reuisites brought to it. I'll edit the post.

I like these-- you ought to put them in the wiki! I would suggest an option of using a He requisite for Magical Fangs when creating polearms, though it would (imo) add a magnitude.


Thanks. Where is the wiki? I wouldn't mind posting there.


I'm not trying to pick on anyone, but there's something about "Where is the wiki?" that makes me laugh. I'm trying to imagine the numerous ways I can interpret that question. Most can't be shared here. What's wrong with me today?:twisted:

Where is the wiki?

Link to wiki in my sig.

I'll comment on more, but I'm kinda busy lately...


They've been added, thanks for bringing this up, some good reading in there.

Very nice spells.

Kit for the Grumbling Grog - why only +1 for requisites? Do you consider the An straps a necessary requisite so charge no cost, but do charge for the cloth padding? I can dig that.

Likewise The Shield Grog's trusted Friend - there is no cost as the metal rim is an essential part of the shield? In this case I disagree - I think the shield will still function, albeit poorly, without the metal rim, so I'm in favor of a +1 for the Te requisite.

I will also remove the explanations from the base levels at the wiki; it is customary not to leave them unless the base is nonstandard.