Spells Like Glamours?

Not glamour as in sparkly fashion, glamour as in effects that passively control how people perceive and feel of you.

Aura of Rightful Authority and Rego Mentem's level 10 guideline of causing all responses to be influenced by a certain emotion seem like nice starts, especially if you have something like Deft Mentem, but due to the definition of an Individual for Mentem it seems nearly impossible to be able to walk around with a constant "aura" that simply affects all who you encounter who fail to resist.

Aura of Ennobled Presence and Imaginem in general fix the aura issue but create a problem in being unable to actually control emotion. I suppose a +3 or so to rolls related to influencing, leading, and convincing others of things is almost sort of right, but it doesn't quite fit what I want to accomplish here.

I guess the biggest issue with this working is that Hermetic spells tend to activate all at once and the duration reflects the length of the effect. In other words, effects like glamours are hard-pressed to work, as they are meant to influence people in your presence and then stop having an effect when they leave, yet would be effective again if one were to walk into the range again; not really something Hermetic magic supports.

What are you guys' thoughts on this?

Glamour is a specific House Merinita Illusion Mysteries that makes Imaginem solid, see HoH:MC p101.

What you are looking for seems more like House Bjornaer Sensory Magic (ibid p27) which allows you to effect a spell on anyone sensing you (from seeing to tasting). It uses the same mechanic as Magical Senses, see ArM5 pp113.

Passive targeting in general is nearly verboten in Ars Magica; you must perceive the target to affect it unless you have an Arcane Connection. Aura of Ennobled Presence targets the magus, and Mentem spells must directly target a person or well defined area. Bjornaer sensory magic is indeed the exception to this, and even it is restricted to highly appropriate effects. If it were properly integrated into Hermetic magic it wouldn't matter what the effect was - your stinky armpits could turn someone into a frog.

That said, it's not impossible. An item with an InIm linked trigger could detect when someone looks at the caster, and automatically target that individual with another power. Structure and Room target spells can simulate the effect in a limited fashion. Hermetic non-standard R/D/T could emulate Bjornaer Sensory Magic (at higher magnitudes and formulaic spells only, but it could be done).

The rules have already been mentioned (Sensory Magic in HoH: MC, work-arounds with devices), so I would just like to add that I think it's a nice feature that Hermetic Magic can't do everything (well).
Leaves room for other traditions, and improvement upon the Hermetic Model.

Oh, no! I didn't mean "biggest issue" as to imply that this is a bug. Of course there should be limits to Hermetic magic. It does nothing except improve the game to have those limits in place, and well, even with said limits Hermetic magic is quite strong and versatile, so there's not a lot to be missing unless you try to push it.

Bjornaer Sensory Magic, eh...? The entire idea of glamours seems about as anti-Bjornaer as you can get without mentioning shapeshifting spells, though...

You could also read RoP:Faerie around pp11 where they discuss how they boost their Penetration and otherwise affect humans. Frankly, I love that book for the meta-mechanics it describes.