Spells that give a bonus to Attack Rolls?

What is the reason for the increase to the Defense stat on the claws? I can see the slower Init, better Damage, and better Attack, but not the Defense adjustment.

I'm not really sure, I just copied the Claw stats from HoH: MC. :blush: Perhaps, it reflects a range advantage over the closed fist?

In the "Lion of the North - Loch Leglean Tribunal" book (it was third edition) I didn't find anything about this spell.
You don't remember the name of the spell?
(Thanks anyway!)

It was a ReCo spell, I think under Edward of Horsingas if memory serves.
I'll try to remember to look it up tonight if no-one has beat me to it.

I should probably also mention that I don't think it would/should actually work as described.

The closet I can recall to that was in Rival Magic. It was listed in the breakthroughs for the Amazons and the Soqotran sorcerers, but was limited to instilling aiming bonuses into enchanted items and 'storing' die rolls respectively.

And all the spells I know of to raise attributes have been rituals (and permanent). A temporary buff is something I'd check the books again very carefully, as I'm not sure 5th ed guidelines allow for it.

The guidelines for Characterisitic increases do not specify that they are rituals. Keep in mind that all of the ritual spells are high enough to cause warping. So any spell invented based on the guideline has a duration, say Sun, your adding two more magnitudes to the spell. Couple that with the guideline only adding +1 to the Characteristic, your going to see warping build up really fast on frequent recipients of the spell.
Of course there wouldn't be any warping for a R:Personal spell, because it is designed for the caster.

Found it!

It's in line with the idea of the original Rune Magic: +1 to attack for every magnitude.
So a Touch (+1), Diameter (+1), Individual (+0) spell of level 20 would give +2 to attack

Minor thread necro. Not what the OP had in mind but this quote actually got me thinking. While providing a bonus to hit isn't something hermetic magic does easily hitting things with magic is in fact ridiculously easy. Penetration issues aside most spells auto hit without need for a roll. Put an Invisible Sling effect in an enchanted bow and you get a magic weapon that will never ever miss no matter who's using it.

I'd think I'd allow a similar effect for a melee weapon in most sagas. Allowing a sword to always hit an opponent doesn't really seam more powerful then any other auto damage effect.

It would have to penetrate ofcourse, but I think you mentioned?

More interestingly, it would hit automatically, but (presumably) with no carry-over, meaning that the damage of the weapon is based purely on ... the damage of the weapon, surely?

It would be a ReTe based effect. I'd go with a +5.

Quite a sound reasoning with the invisible sling - bow. Never thought about it. Can make for a quite powerful turb with minimal training, and one that will haver problems turning against the magi.

So it would be something like that :

The infallible sword ReTe 18
The sword hits an adversary for normal damage depending on it's type (short +5, long +6, great +9).
The effect has a penetration of 6.
Base 4, +1 Touch, +10 unlimited usages, +3 penetration

I like it ^^

Why touch? Not sure that's the best representative for it swinging towards the target to hit it, TBH. I'd argue it's got to be sight, so that the blade knows where it's heading with the ReTe effect.

No, the target sight would mean that the guy having the sword must see the target, so you could throw the sword to him from very far :slight_smile:.
I chose the target touch for the target to be in range of touching and because i felt it needed to be a little easier than the "sling" effect as it is hand to hand.

The target of the effect is the sword. R: Personal.

That would be true for a "Sling of Vilano" kind of effect.
But I am not sure about this one.
If it was the case, i could make that sword hit anybody I can perceive no ?

Well you are right that with my effect the sword could touch another sword and make it attack someone.

Then what about this one :
The infallible sword ReTe 16
The sword hits an adversary for normal damage depending on it's type (short +5, long +6, great +9).
The effect has a penetration of 6.
Base 3, +10N unlimited usages, +3N penetration

Reduced the range to personal and the base to 3, because you don't have to make it flight just to accompany the attack so it's a less unnatural movement.

I like this better. Basically anyone swings a sword and it hits, with the sword making any last minute adjustment necessary to ensure that it hits. But, a turb equipped with these probably should not be earning experience points in single weapon...

And the wielder is not impaired by his wounds ^^
You could even do this I think :
The infallible sword ReTe 17
The sword hits an adversary with the strength of a angered brute (+5) plus the normal damage depending on it's type (short +10, long +11, great +14).
The effect has a penetration of 6.
Base 3, +1 Magnitude for great strength, +10N unlimited usages, +3N penetration
Like this, any grog become a skilled warrior ^^
At least until he get's hit by something because it doesn't help him dodge blows :stuck_out_tongue:
Beware of my barabarian turb :smiley:

I had some intellego based combat magic in this thread https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/adelbert-a-magi-of-hermes-look-at-intellego-and-astrology/8146/1 based on knowing where a crossbow bolt would hit and based on knowing where a target was intending on moving. There is also an enchanted effect for holding a crossbow steady and thereby making it easier to aim at distant targets.

Make it trigger-able? Of course, that brings up the "If an item is enchanted, but the effect is inactive, does it still need to penetrate?" issue. I'd personally be inclined towards "no".