spiderman & other superheroes?

what spells would be needed to duplicate the abilities of various superheroes of our day?


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(If you want to rephrase the question into something different, maybe here with something more specific, that might work - but I, for one, have zero interest in equating random "super hero powers" to Hermetic spells for your amusement. Sorry.) :confused:

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Creating Webs like Spiderman would be Creo Animal for creating animal substances (spider webs). Crawling on Walls would be Rego Corpus, for controlling his body in an Unnatural Fashion.
What superhero ideas can you think of Abe?

x-ray vision
heat vision
tele-scopic vision & microscopic vision.

Cleanest way, I think, is to abuse Theriomorphy and Inner Heartbeasts. The Mythic Feat the Mystery of the Epitome is pretty "Super-heroic", and the the Mystery of the Anima, coupled with Theriomorphy, would let you do something close to "The Thing" or "The Human Torch". A breakthrough in the Mystery of the Chimera, to allow the heartbeast to be combined with "Human", opens a lot of possiblities as well. Remember you can add up to +5 to each stat with CrAn or CrCo. That adds to the Heartbeast's stats as well. What's the base strength for an Elephant? +10? +12? add 3 for mystery of the Epitome, 5 for CrCo, 5 or so from Refinements (additions to the inner Heartbeast), giving a character a strength of 25 or so with the ability to do something "mythic" on top of that? Maybe not Superman, but definitely super heroic......

House Criamon gives one the chance to do some nice stuff with their "paths". Couple that with "Walking the Labyrinth"(16 ranks in Enigmatic Wisdom to be really useful, at that point it takes a second and gives you a +8, say +14 total in a game where a roll of 16+ is really, really good), and you have a very nice super powered Batman/Iron fist type hero.

For Superheros, the Ars Magica system of magic doesn't work too well. Except, in my eyes, for Theurgy. Names of Power, Spirit Familiar, summoning spirits of Air and Darkness to do your bidding, it's all got a comic book feel to it.

I know you asked for spells, but they can be countered pretty easily, so I think Virtues and Mysteries are the way to go.