Spirit Familiar cords questions

Can the golden cord be used to help control Twilight even if the mage lacks an Enigmatic Wisdom score ?

If the mage has faerie, chthonic, or holy magic, does the silver cord score apply to affecting spirits from other realms, too ?

And while we are on this topic, if a mage has one of the above virtues, and initiates Sacred Architecture, can she affect other auras, too ?

Finally, if the spirit expendes temporary Might, a bonus from the bronze cord can be added to the mage's Stamina rolls; does this include spellcasting rolls ?

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(Serf's Parma)

  1. Yep. I remmebr that that was spelled otu pretty clearly

  2. Don't know. At first blush, I would say yes. I suppose it might depend on how you want to play the Limit of Essential Nature, though.

  3. Oh, now that is an interesting thought. I suppose that if they had the particular virtue, then I would think so. But, as I recall, Holy Magic requires re-inventing a LOT of your character's Hermetic outlook on the world so if they initial the architecture Mysteries, you could require them to invent a minor Mystery for themself that (a) requires an appropriate Realm virtue and (b) have the Architecture virtues before they are able to affect the auras of non-Magic realms. Could also just be done as a minor reseearch breakthrough as well. Definitely story potential, there.

  4. The bonus is allowed for Fatigue rolls. Don't know if it adds to Penetration though. That is not at all clear to me.

The Hermes Cord (page 67 , TMRE)

The guidelines on page 100 in TMRE only deal with Magic auras.
Even if a Magus has Affinity (Realm) or some other Major virtue ,
the indications are (from the Ars System) that Research and a Breakthrough would be required.
Unless you decide that a Mystery Cult dedicated to Sacred Architecture
has an Initiation that allows you to manipulate an Aura that you are aligned with.
The easy way for Infernal Auras , which probably do not resist increase ,
would be for a Tainted version of Sacred Architecture being available.
False Power page 88 , RoP:TI.
This ignores any ST considerations , such as agents of the various Powers objecting to Aura tinkering.
(this is not after all directly related to number-crunching by the RAW)

The Hekate Cord (page 68, TMRE) can apply to Fatigue rolls.
If your unmodified Casting Score would have caused you Fatigue loss ,
but the Hekate Cord bonus is high enough to negate any penalty ,
then you would not lose Fatigue.
(the value of the bonus due to expended Spirit Might can be from +01 to +25)
It does not increase the Casting Score for purposes of spell success however.
(that would be my take anyway)