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I’m looking at spells to ward against elementals. Do I need to create a spirit ward spell for every form?

Same goes for damage spells, control spells etc

You may be able to create a Vim spell to ward against all faeries. Noble's Parma.

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Can you do that to ward against all magical spirits?

Yes, you can. Circular Ward Against Magical Spirits (Legends of Hermes p.119) works against all magical creatures with Magical Might. It doesn't matter if they are elementals, ghosts, daemons, or magical animals.

Of course, if your magus isn't as good with Vim as he is with the elemental Forms or Animal (EDIT), then he may prefer to invent a more specialized ward in a specific element. A Rego Aquam Ward Against Magical Spirits of the Water (extrapolated from Ward Against Faeries of the Water in the core book) would also work against all creatures with Magical Might associated with Aquam.

What about damage spells, summoning spells etc?

Are the guideline’s different?

My story guide is telling me it’s a different spell for each form.

Summoning are sometimes quite specific, just llike they are for the other Realms. Elementals are fairly simple, so a generic ReAq to summon a water elemental would work. I don't think you can use ReVi for this.

As for "damage", I assume you mean the Might-destroying Perdo spells? They are relatively generic in PeVi (to reduce their Might Points), just like the wards.

You can also use specific Perdo (Form) spells to destroy the matter that composes the elemental. These will deal damage to creatures of that Form (for example elementals), as specified in Realms of Power: Magic (see p.133 for the guidelines).

So to harm a tree spirit you need to cast Perdo vim or herbam?

If it is a non-corporeal spirit, yes.

If it has a body, then you may use other forms of damage on the body, such as burning it with fire, crushing it with rocks, etc.

Whether that actually prevents it from reforming another body will depend on the spirit and its powers (or the Storyguide). :wink:

Ok i want to get this all in one spot

Wards are a generic vim spell covers all? Or, Do you need a different ward for each realm?

Might reduction spells- do you need more than Perdo vim?

Summoning and control are for each form?

And do they cover demons, fearies, magic beings, divine?

Most things need separate spells per realm.

Might reduction - one vim spell per realm
Wards - one vim spell per realm. Though there are also form-specific spells per realm, for those who prefer that.

Summoning and control tend to be even more specific.
Like, one spell to summon ghosts. (ReMe) Another spell to summon spirits of fire (ReIg). A third to summon demons (ReVi). Etc.
Vim spells here will be realm-specific. The Form-specific spells tend to be realm-agnostic, though the books vary a bit on this.

Wards must be realm specific but they can be either broad using ReVi to ward against all beings of [Realm] (eg ReVi Circular Ward against Demons Corebook) or more limited such as the faerie wards we see among many of the Forms (eg ReHe Ward Against Faeries of the Wood Corebook)

As ErikT said Might reduction has one spell per realm (eg Demon's Eternal Oblivion Corebook).

Summoning is usually Form specific though there is a general ReVi spell that can summon any demon you have an arcane connection to (eg ReVi Adjuration of the Hell-Sworn Spirit RoP:I p122) and I'm not sure it's a problem to allow this for the other realms

Controlling spells, like wards, can be either general in which case they are ReVi and can affect any spirit of that Realm (eg ReVi Command the Vile Spirit RoP:I p122) or more specialized such as the ReMe spells to control a ghost but not other sorts of Mentem spirits (eg ReMe Coerce the Spirits of the Night Corebook).

I think I’ve got it now. I’m going to put this in a note to keep.

So no realm summoning- need the form for that?

Pardon? What would you like to summon that has no realm? Animals?

He meant no single spell that can affect all beings of a particular realm. There is a spell like that for demons but doesn't seem to be one for the other realms unless I've missed something.

Ah. No.
You need either the Realm (and Vim) or the Form.

Yes, they are realm specific but there is no general "all magic beings" summoning spell in canon. There is an "all demons" summoning spell.

So you would need a ghost spell(can be magic, fearie, or demonic)?

You can cast a fires spirit summoning spell for any of the above as well using ignem?

It seems there are spirits everywhere of multiple types.

Ive listed the spirits I believe that can be related to an elemental form. Are there any I am missing? Is my understanding flawed?

  1. Airy spirits can be related to a form(more than elemental forms). Are these considered to be from the magic domain?. I know they can be created by events or emotions.

  2. Elementals are from the pure/fundamental examples of an elemental form. Are they purely magical spirits?

  3. Jinn are spirits of an elemental form that can be from any realm.

  4. Named Spirits are representative of natural wonders.

The part that is confusing to me is it seems like airy spirits should be weaker(lower might), but elementals can be of various levels, jinn I’d assume are more sentient and at least as powerful as powerful elementals. Named spirits are very powerful.

It is complicated.

There are all kind of spirits that can be associated with one of the elemental Forms. (Plus all hthose associated with some other Form, of course.)
Spirits of the elements of naturally. Not to be confused with elementals, which are not spirits at all but animated matter. ( A fire can have a spirit, but a fire elemental is made of fire)
But jinn, angels and demons can also be associated with an elemental form.
As can genii loci (spirits of places), and daimons.

Airy Spirits are spirits that are native to the material world. Unlike, for example, daimons.
The term airy spirit generally refers to Magical spirits, but I am not sure it is restricted to just them.

Jinns are a large group of spirits that can be found in the islamic world. They can belong to the Faerie, Infernal, or Magic realms, but not the Divine realm. Most commonly they are associated with the Form of Vim, though the elemental Forms are not uncommon either.

While Daimons are also called Named Spirits, and tend to be among the more powerful spirits, there are actually many other spirits who also have a True Name, and thus technically could be considered Named Spirits. All angels, demons, and jinn have a True Name, even those with low Might.

There isn't a strict hierarchy among the different types of spirits. While daimons are generally more powerful than airy spirits, the most powerful airy spirits are more powerful than the weaker daimons.
Demons vary from very weak to very powerful, as does jinn. And so on.


I think I have a rough understanding of a guide on what can be summoned and encountered(the story guide and I have discussed some of this as well).

The more sentient spirits will of course be more interesting. And if I’m in a random location I’ll most likely be summoning an airy spirit. If I’m creating something it’s most likely an elemental(with the appropriate ritual, vis, and amount of the element). Example of all of these things make it a bit easier to understand.

For the Irish shir are the spirits still considered jinn?

Thank you very much for the answer.

The Irish Corrguineach aren't Sahirs, and while they have a Supernatural ability called Sihr, it works differently from the Sihr ability that the Sahirs have and use. The normal Sihr ability summons jinn.
The Corrguineach instead summon and deal with elemental spirits, and the supernatural ability they use really should be renamed to something else.
There aren't even any jinn native to Ireland, they normally live in Islamic lands only.

For much information on Magical spirits as well as elementals, you really should read Realms of Power: Magic where they are detailed, and some information given about spells to affect them.