Spirtual Pact and Familiar

Because a Spirtual Pact (RoP:M 88) sound very similiar to a bound a mage have with his familiar I now start to wonder if a gifted with this supernatural virtue can still also have a familiar.
The rules under the virtue dont look like they forbid it to have both.
Then there is also the other side lets just say a char ascended or became a spirit as mentioned in TMRE then he fullfill the only requirment of accepting someone as his/her Spirit Vortary or give the Spirtual Pact to someone.
Now I wonder whats the benefits and the price for such a char as the rules only talk about the cost because of giving the might pool.

Spiritual Pact is mainly a virtue for Spirit Votaries, who are Mythic Companions and hence cannot be Hermetic magi. Allowing the virtue for magi requires moderation by SG or troupe, who together with the player of the magus with a Spiritual Pact would also have to come up with an appropriate Magical Spirit and story. I can imagine an Ex Miscellanea coven or a Mystery Cult bestowing the virtue. I wouldn't see a need to take away the potential to bind a familiar as compensation - but this obviously would depend on the specific coven legacy or Initiation Script used.

I don't see any rules about Spirit Votaries of immortal magi, like Living Ghosts or those Ascended to the Hall of Heroes. Playing on with such immortal characters implies that the Mysteries and Cults they belong(ed?) to have been detailed very well, and thereby also their remaining obligations to these Cults. TMRE p.86ff 'Learning and Improving as a Daimonic Spirit' contains a few motivations for those Ascended to keep in touch with their fellows: a troupe might consider Daimon Points also as a suitable reward for providing a Magic Might pool to a Cult follower or coven member.