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The Demon of Llyn Efyrnwy
[spoiler]* The demon of Llyn Efyrnwy is actually only half-demon: the the legendary wizard, Merlinus Ambrosius. Merlin was the son of a Welsh princess who became a nun, impregnated by an incubus.

  • The Skinless Man is one of Merlin's demonic lieutenants.
  • Valten is dead. That's the Skinless Man, wearing his skin.
  • Merlin killed Horst of Fengheld because the Redcap wrote an extensive history about Merlin's life-- a book which included indirect information on how he could be defeated.
  • Merlin killed Desiderius as an afterthought, when he stole the item the Verditius made. The blood in Merlin's Well is Merlin's own blood; Merlin wanted it back.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]* Iudicium is not Iudicium. He is Quendalon, who has Become a faerie entity, and seeks to control the Order.

  • The rest of Blackthorn is unaware of Iudicium's identity, and just desires to control Stonehenge.[/spoiler]

Aislinn & Justinius
[spoiler]* They were sent off to seek the truth behind the Schism War. They're on the Isle of Man, which is the last bastion of the extant Diedne.

  • House Diedne have forged an alliance with the Order of Odin to secure their futures.[/spoiler]

The Truth Behind the Schism War

  • It was all one big conspiracy. (duh)
  • Who was behind it? Not who you think...