Sponts and Vis ect

When do you add in the 2 points for casting total for vis use in sponts.

  1. Before division or after :question:

  2. Does penatration figure in before or after division :question:

Thrumbar :confused:

We've always done it before dividing, but it occurs to me that I don't know if this is an assumption or an explicit rule.

ArMa 5ed pg 82 says, "+2 casting score per pawn"

ArMa 5ed pg 81 on Fatiguing Spontaneous Magic says Casting Total = ( Casting Score + Stress Die )/2

I would conclude then that the increase is before dividing because you first increase your casting score before determining the casting total.

  1. Before
  2. After

It is worth noting that as the rules are written for pawns to be used in things like spontaneous magic or longevity rituals ( to increase potency ) that vast sums of pawns need to be consumed ( half a rook is a minimum ) to have any real noticeable effect.

Given that in most sagas that a summer/autumn covenant is lucky to have a reliable harvest measured at 3 rooks per year and many have far less. It seems an extremely wasteful way for any magi to use the pawns in this way. It would almost be a sign of decadence to use 5 pawns of vis to increase the potency of a longevity ritual by one point ( after the division by 5 of the lab total to determine the modifier ).

I think for the Spont rules, I would keep Vis bonuses the same. It seems to me that the rules for sponting a spell impose an internal penalty based on the magus' skill and ability to freeform. It is, if you'll pardon the analogy, like singing a pre-composed song versus old-school rapping. Thing is, whichever you're doing, your amplifier still works the same.

Also, a pawn of Vis for a +1 seems prohibitive, especially if your Covenant has limited Vis resources in the first place, as ours does.

In previous editions of the game vis boosting was far more powerful. This caused a problem in that vis boosting was a one size fits all solution to any problem. Faerie lord/dragon/archmagus in your face? No problem !just vis boost a spell through their defences! Need to spont up a tenth magnitude spell? No Problem, just dive into you vis supplies!!

Rather than removing vis boosting from the game, the option was nerfed. Before you make vis boosting "worth it" in regards to cost versus result take a careful look at how many options this will open up for the characters. It might allow the characters to roll through stories with excessive ease and less enjoyment for the players.

Erik's right. Before changing the game mechanic, you might want to try giving your players a big pile of vis and see what mayhem they cause with it. If you're a storyguide, it will likely change your opinion.