Spring 1220: Aigle and St. Evroult

It doesn't take that long to make the trip to Aigle from the Covenant, but it takes you longer than you would have liked. Thanks to traveling with mundanes and wanting to keep a low profile, you have to lower yourselves to being trapped in a cart or a carriage for most of the journey, getting out only long enough to sleep. 3 days of travel just to go hunting after some long-lost covenant? You are all sure that you would much rather be locked in your labs for multiple seasons instead of doing...well, whatever this might be considered. Adventuring? How uncivilized!

The town of Aigle itself is even less spectacular than the doldrum of the trip to get here. Small huts and houses line what constitutes as the main road running through the center of the village, with the largest building set off slightly to the west and the second largest set off slightly to the east. If you look at them from the right angle, it almost looks as if the buildings are twins, brothers or cousins standing resolute and staring at one another, the village under their watchful eyes. And that's not very far off from the truth, the building to the east sporting a cross on its roof, the dull red brick combining with this symbol of the Lord to give the building a distinct look of being a house of worship. The building to the west is rather non-descript except that it doesn't seem to be as weather worn or beaten up by time as the rest of the buildings in the village.

The most distinct thing you notice upon entering the town is the lack of people milling about. Middle of the day, and yet not a soul is outdoors. No children playing, no women meandering about taking care of said children, no men walking about with loads of goods or food. The silence is about as eerie as you can possibly imagine, if not downright unsettling.

Calendeau stays out of sight to avoid triggering the effects of the Gift. Instead, he sends a grog to make the necessary inquiries.

Morat will dismount the cart but stay with it, he asks his falcon, “Shareer the town looks empty. Could you fly overhead?”
“No” returns the falcon, “the grogs can go.”
“Ever helpful bird”

He calms his mind and sits, casting some prep spells:

  • a spont Aura of Ennobled Presence. CT (7+roll)/2 vs MuIm5 (base 3, Per, Sun) ... I need a spont roll here, but dice-roller is down. Morat needs a 3+ on a d10 for success and happy to spend the fatigue level and wait to get it back,
  • Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn15) (Ars p.118) CT 11 + roll. No fatigue due to virtue.

Then he will nod to the others, and walk into town watching for trouble, "make yourself useful Shareer, keep an eye out."

(Edit: Changed Morat's action, so he will walk slowly into town.)