Spring 1220: Born on the Bayeux

The trip from Semita Errabunda to the bishopric of Bayeux is rather uneventful, if not downright boring. As mundanes cannot really travel quickly apart from pushing horses to their limits, the slow ride in the back of a cart or carriage across the countryside is enough to make even the most adventurous magus cringe at the thought of being so exposed. And while it really doesn't take long - a whole 3 days to cover the roughly 50 or so miles - it seems as if it takes several eternities to get there.

The scenery along the way is what you'd expect from the county of Bayeux, with large trees and grasses growing into wild forests that are becoming smaller and smaller by the day thanks to the explosion of the mundane population. Swine can be seen roaming freely about the countryside, their numbers having grown slightly since the annual culling last Autumn, while eagles and hawks fly overhead, their eyes scanning the fields and the trails for any signs of mice or snakes or other vermin to snack upon. And while it's early spring, the weather is about as warm as one could hope for, with your breath only seen upon the air in early morning or late evening.

The town of Bayeux itself holds mostly stone buildings with thatched roofs, while several ruined buildings from a bygone era stand in different stages of decay around the outer edges of the town. The people here are simple farmers and lumberjacks, carving out a living from the land while paying homage to the saints who came before to erect the massive cathedral that stands like a lone martyr on a hilltop on the western side of the town. Several grain mills stand to the south, carts and wagons moving from one to the next in an orderly fashion.

If you have Area Lore Bayeux, any simple roll of 6+ brings memories to you of the Romans who built what are now the ruins on the outer edges of town, as well as stories about the early settlers after the fall of Rome who used what was left of the now-ruined buildings to erect the stone buildings you see before you.

If you have Order of Hermes Lore with a specialty in History, please provide a stress die roll.

In order to make the journey easier, and hopefully a little quicker, Adeline shrinks the supplies. She enlarges them as needed along the way, and shrinks them again if they will be reused. She also share her Parma Magica with the grogs as they all travel to make communication better.

OOC: Adeline has OoH lore, but with a different specialty.