Spring 1221, Chapter 1B: Bunnies and Burrows

The morning after the council meeting, Attravere, Sinmore, and Iapetus all assemble together to go inspect the Perdo source. Is anyone else going along?

Guillaume suggests that Attravere could bring extra provisions to try and harvest from the spring sources on the way back, to save the covenant a trip.

Both Iapetus AND his bravado will be going. He will, of course, be in his usual venturing gear, armor and mace et al. He seems content to let Attravere be the official leader and handle such entertaining things as provisions and transport.

OK, looks like it's just the three of you. The trip is uneventful, though you come across some still-smoking battlefields and lots of dead bodies.

When you arrive at the burrow, who will attempt to enter? (Remember, none of you are blond-haired and blue-eyed.)

Attravere would follow-up on Guillaume's suggestion, but by way of courier. (He intends to bounce back for supplies as necessary)

Knowing what is required to go there Attravere would feel the need to mention before the journey in a suitably embarrassed fashion, "I won't be able to enter the hill to collect vis unless one of you is capable of casting the necessary spells upon me." (Go go Muto deficiency!)

Would a spontaneous MuCo 5 be able to change someone to Blonde/Blue? (L2 minor changes, +1 touch, +2 sun) Or will I need to kick it up to higher?

Level 5 is enough to change yourself: Base 3, +2 for Sun duration. You'd need level 10 to change someone else (+1 for Touch).

Sinmore left the Covenant in the morning, her armour underneath her oversized yellow gown. She's eating her breakfast (it looks like some bread and cheese) and has an enormous but exquisitely crafted sword strapped to her back. She gulps the last of her meal down and chases it with a mug of morning ale that she puts into a rucksack.

"So..." she says after wiping her mouth and wiping her hands on the gown. "Entering this requires blond hair and blue eyes? My father shall not like that." she grumbles.

((How big is the burrow entrance and what is the aura strength please? I need to add an additional magnitude for her size, so I need a 10 for a spell on herself, others need a 15 to cast on her. Right now Sinmore has like a 9 with her casting score before Aura and a roll))

Iapetus scratches at his chin for a moment as he appraises the situation, before speaking up. "I am able to change myself easily enough, and have potential to transform your appearance as well, Sodales," he tells Attravere. "If you would allow it."

Sinmore takes a few moments to gather her thoughts and then with a booming voice and exaggerated gestures she tries casting her spell. She nearly has to fight off a laugh as she can't help but think of a spell name; Creo Blonde.

((Spell casting total: +11 before Aura, she'll spend a Confidence if she needs to))

"That would be most appreciated, Iapetus." Attravere smiles.

"Your father?" Offers Attravere in an obliging fashion.

You don't see a burrow entrance. And you don't get the Aura strength without Intellego Vim.

I'm not sure you need to add a magnitude for size, since your hair isn't any larger than a normal person's, but by that rationale everyone would need a magnitude for Part, and that seems silly. Ok, Size magnitude it is.

When she's finished casting she turns to Attravere and opens her eyes wide. "Did it work?" she grabs a lock of her hair and pulls it in front of her eyes to examine.

"My father is Surtur, he likes my hair red."

It didn't work. (Confidence point would not have made a difference.)

Sinmore frowns as she sees her hair is still bright red. "I'm not so good at changing things, except changin them to ash. Can you help me Sodales?"

Okay folks, it's been three days. Cast some MuCo and get your butts in the burrow. Before rocks fall and everyone dies!

((I was hoping someone could help me on this, it's obvious I'm going to need a mega roll or some vis to cast it))

Attravere winces and looks to Iapetus. (If Mister Iapetus doesn't return I'll have Attravere give it a shot to move things along...)

Just checked everyone's MuCo spont totals:

Sinmore: 2Int+0Mu+5Co=7
Attravere: (4Int+2Mu+15Co)/2(deficient muto)=10
Iapetus: 4Int+8Mu+3Co=15

Attravere and Iapetus are capable of casting the Personal range spell on themselves (Lv5) but neither of them has a snowball's chance in hell of pulling off a lv15 spont. Even ceremonially Iapetus has only a +17 and would need a roll of 13+ (and there is only a 4% chance of rolling a 1 followed by a 7+). It's only a lv10 for Sinmore to cast herself, but she'd need the same roll as Iapetus would, ceremonially. Looks like Sinmore has to wait outside :confused:

(I completely forgot about having to adjust for size, qc :/)

Sinmore pouts and frowns when it looks like no one can cast any spells to change her.

"Hummph, the story of my life. Too big to tag along. Ah well. I think I know now what should be my lab duty. Either making a spell or an item that changes the hair and eye color. One that could work on someone up to my size or William's size. I'll be out here with my little sister." she says as she pats the hilt of her sword. "I'll help where I can."

Iapetus and Attravere both manage to cast the level 5 MuCo to change their appearances, though both need to fatigue themselves.

Immediately they hear the sound of a bell ringing, and when followed, the two disappear into the hillside.

They find themselves within a long subterranean tunnel. There is only the faintest of light emanating from some kind of fungus on the walls. There are tunnels off to the right and left, and this passageway extends further down beneath the hill. Better light will be needed to explore the caverns; how will you illuminate the way?