Spring 1222: I'm Not a Soulja

Sinmore sets out in spring, with little more than provisions and a handful of wishes, to find some grogs. She has no grogs with her, nor any leads.

She gets outside the covenant and quickly gets lost in the forest. After camping a few days, ashe's pretty sure she hasn't gotten more than a mile away from the covenant, she just doesn't know how to navigate.

After a week or so of wandering aimlessly (in which she's gone through far more of her provisions than Stefan accounted for-- this is supposed to last a month, and she's 1/4 of the way through it all) she catches sight of a familiar-looking unnatural beast, flying low over the treeline. The sight of tawny fur and brown feathered wings makes the scars across Sinmore's chest tingle.

Sinmore was starting to wonder whether bark on trees was actually edible or not when she saw that familiar form. 'I don't recall wings...did it have wings?' she wonders to herself as she scratches her belly. She only muses briefly though before she scowls and starts tromping through the forest in the direction that she saw the creature.

"We're going to get this straightened out for good!"

((Out of curiosity, are we near the full moon?))

(Random d30 roll says you've got a couple weeks.)

Sinmore doesn't run fast, but her stride is long, and the beast is not moving very quickly.

The giantess runs for a couple hours, and the forest never ends. A root reaches out and grabs Sinmore by the ankle (or so it seemed to her), and she falls on her face.

When she comes to, there is no sign of the beast, and the trees look... different. More densely packed, and they're, you don't know, just "different."

"Bloody Hell." she mutters as she gets back to her feet. First thing she does is take stock of her surroundings if she sees anything other than the trees around her. After that she'll check to see if she's hurt or anything and then check her supplies and gear. "Probably stumbled into another bloody regio."