Spring 1245

We can cover the rest of the season OOC, unless anyone particularly wants to roleplay it out (though IC interludes are welcome if you want to add some flavour text to describe what your characters are up to :smiley: ). First off, the immediate results of the battle:

  1. Girvan is badly damaged by the raiders and the storm - about half of its 40-odd families are now homeless. The smokehouse and tannery were both badly damaged by fire.
  2. While most of the people south of the river were able to take shelter in the church, casualties were higher on the north side. Fifteen people were killed by the rampaging child raiders.
  3. Although the stampede was a battlefield success, it allowed the raiders to get their jollies slaughtering livestock. Almost half the herd has been killed, and there is talk amongst the villagers of seeking compensation (to which they're quite entitled by Scottish customary law).

Now some game-mechanical stuff:
4. Everyone who took part in the story gets 10 xp to spend as per the usual rules for story experience (Annaeus spends 5 to bring his Herbam up to 10 and another 5 to acquire 'Firth of Clyde Lore (magical sites) 1').
5. Everyone who attended the mass at the start of the adventure gets an experience point in their Local reputation. If they didn't have one, they get 'Defender of Girvan' at 1.
6. The vis haul is tremendous. Although the dead faeries begin dissolving into sea foam as soon as Vafudar takes his leave (the living ones pile into the smaller ship and sail away, though nobody at Alerock sees the ship pass), a thorough search of Girvan finds 63 pawns of corpus vis in various salt-encrusted bones and 60 pawns of animal vis in waterlogged pelts where the berserkers fell.

Here are Keythleen's idea:

  1. Why not pay to rebuild ? The covenant has wealth, and building friendship and loyalty amongst people is a good thing to prevent issues in the future... Besides, we are building a common future!
  2. Keythleen suggest:
  • a total improvement of armors and weapons of the grogs. And for that purpose, the hiring of skilled blacksmith, perhaps coming from Spain or Provence, which are renowned.
  • the building of a watchtower near the beach, with a fire lightning system to warn Alerock.
  1. Payement and replacement, that is. In the mean times, the covenant, using their grogs and companions use their abilities best to track merchant ships sailing in the North Sea and perhaps even the Atlantic coast of France.

  2. If i recall correctly: px can go anywhere in a thing related to what you did in the adventure.

  3. Keythleen would have gone to the mass, because she is christian and faithfully in God love.

  4. Keythleen suggest to NOT use this vis in any magic ritual or laboratory (as it is faeric vis!) but to use it to buy : books, specialists from Spanish covenants, soldiers grogs (from Provence covenant, Doissetep is renowned to sell "ready to fight grog"), labtexts.

What Keythleen would love for the covenant, using the vis after redcap change in pounds:

  • specialist blacksmith (perhaps a companion of a guild, plus 3 - 4 apprentice... it would not be harmful to any guild in France, because we are to far, and the fee could be high enough to let the dean of the guild accept the trade).
  • specialist scribes (a team of 3-4? coming from any abbey or from a covenant willing to have vis in exchange of formed scribes?)
  • more grogs, women and men, to have a good chance of reproduction, repeupling GIrvan if needed
  • soldiers grogs
  • a sword master, to train the grogs during "peace" times
  • perhaps a "ship building team" ? why not make a shipyard business? it's very useful as we are also pirates :smiley:. But i want to say, if we are pirates, I hope "our pirate ships" are not directly sailing from and to OUR island! because that would be harmful: do we have some secondary island/unhabited continental land where our pirates land before coming to Alerock with their treasure? If not, that is something Keythleen insist we have: she doesn't want that Alerock could be directly linked with our pirate... that would bring problems!

During the season, Keythleen will develop a ward against faerie,... i think! but still unsure. i'll edit when decided.

What Keythleen does: ward against faeries 45 (ReVi 40, touch, conc) with experimentation. Labtotal is 79.
Experimentation: Risk modifier is +2. The dies are :1 for the simple die (labtotal is 82... okay!).
Then on extroardinary result: 0... oh yeah....

Then we check for botch, 1 die + 2 (risk modifier) -3 (cautious sorcerer) = 1, which roll a 4 (fiouuu...).
So result is 0+2 = 2, no extraordinary result :frowning:.

Keythleen is dangerous :smiley:

Ah yes, for xp reparition:
5 in mastery Teleportation (fastcast)
1 in Vim (=> 2 with affinity)
4 in Perdo

For season XP exposure: 1 in MT (=> 2), 1 in Vim (=> 2) ; familiar +2 xp.

Keythleen lends her labtexts notes for the faerie ward at any magus of Alerock who ask her. She publicly announce that she developed that spell for the purpose of future bad encounters

Annaeus tersely agrees. Alerock's cash reserves are pretty anaemic at the moment, but four pawns of vis and a casting of The Touch of Midas will fix that. Even allowing for the inevitable price-gouging of whoever we trade the gold to, there should be several hundred pounds of goods left over. Replacing the cattle will cost rougly 6 pounds and the houses and other buildings about 24. The tower presents a potential problem if the Earl of Carrick decides to get uppity, but leaving it for his men to occupy should mollify this somewhat. It'll cost between 7 pounds (for a basic wooden tower) to 100 (for a stone tower designed to withstand a seige).

Annaeus is neutral on this score. The turb consists mainly of men who've come out of the pirate crews, bringing their own weapons and shields with them. They're cheap to hire and easy to replace if they do die. Buying expensive arms and armour for them may not be a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, they didn't seem to fare too well against the raiders' determined attack, so he'll leave the decision up to Wodin and Jock (the turb sergeant). If anyone asks him, Jock pushes for mail hauberks for everyone.

Annaeus is a little offended at the suggestion that the weaponsmiths and armourers of Britain may not be sufficient for Alerock's needs, but doesn't say so outright. His objection is that they all need to be able to speak to each other in an emergency, and do you want to spend your time teaching the newcomers Gaelic, or the current turb French or Spanish?

That's the way I'm playing it.

Pleased to hear it!

If anyone mentions this to him, Annaeus shrugs his shoulders and privately resolves to ignore Keythleen's suggestion. Half the vis floating around Scotland must be from faeries of one stripe or another, and it seems to work as well as any. He is pro-acquisition of new books and lab texts and anti-trading for grogs (as it's dead easy to find another Hebridean pirate who's ready to trade pulling an oar for standing watch at the tower).

  • Is there any particular reason you're pushing for a French blacksmith? Any culture that uses a lot of iron (which is all of them in this part of the world) gets pretty good at it.
  • I'm assuming that Alerock has plenty of 'standard quality' scribes as part of its book-trading activities (which must be reasonably extensive, to bring in 100 pounds per year). Also, the Scribe/Illuminator/Book-binder team of Callum, Frazer and Sloane (each of whom have a score of 6 in the relevant ability) has been paid for with covenant creation points, so I'll assume that they're available for such special projects as the covenant may require.
  • Apart from the magi, companions and grogs, there are currently 20 people living at Alerock (14 servants, 6 specialists/craftsmen).
  • As for soldiers, stat 'em up and they can be assumed to be recruited from the pirates. A weapons master for training isn't a bad idea (companion-types might want in on this as well...)
  • Shipyard... depends. The pirates currently get all their ship-fixing done offsite, as there's not much room on Ailsa Craig's stony beach to build ships (nor is there any wood source handy). We can turn finding a team of shipwrights and getting their business set up into a story, if that interests you.

This is why we agreed to take the Indiscreet Resource hook :smiling_imp:

I'm not too sure what you mean by this - is the spell level 40 (getting it invented in a single season) or 45 (in which case the lab project will need to carry over to Summer)?

Keythleen doesn't get any exposure xp from her lab work, but I'm happy to add this to Jarek's tally.

Quick answers :

  • the ward is a ReVi 40 (with conc and touch parameters) and protects again (base 30+3 magnitude) faeries with might less than 45. It's done in a single season :slight_smile:. That's what i mean by:

Sorry to not be clear :blush:

  • ah yes, i forgot the "only 1 source of xp per season". IRL we rules otherwise so I haven't pay attention to that point. I'll correct the sheet on the wiki if you haven't already.

  • about "Indiscreet Resource hook" : i must admit i'm not familiar with boon and hook (IRL we don't really use them). I'll review it. Mmh okay, but are hooks unmovable and incorrigible?

  • For french blacksmith: first because Keythleen has spend times in France when taught by Alsygone and also because she has kept the idea that France is the greatest kingdom in the world... Courteous poesy also put France as the great center of influence for art :slight_smile:. But apart from those consideration of a (still young in his heart) girl, no real reason.

  • I'll write some grogs, trying to match your quality (i liked the 5 grogs sheets among which was Sean... ^^).

  • For shipyard, the shipyard doesn't have to be on Alerock, but to work as Alerock's source of income. It was just an idea which i found linked with a pirate activity, interesting.

  • It seems we have an agreement for books and lab texts. Perhaps a blacksmith specialist and a weapon master.

  • For language, we could hire a linguist from the beautiful university of Oxford... I heard that was the greatest university of England when I was studying at Montpellier with professor Alsygone... We could ask him, he surely has some contacts in the university, and i'm pretty sure there is at Oxford a old magister who would dream of a long live peacefully lived with rafined people as us, here at Alerock after having lived a difficult life with disturbing students

Edit: i forgot Vance XPs. 5 in each art.

During this spring, Vance tries to make contact with the pirates. He would like to help them with his powers, for example does he say to them (and demonstrate), he could use his powers to rise a fog to hide the boat on the sea... or use the winds to push the boat to a faster speed, to catch up the preyed boat. All he asks for is a reasonable payement of 5 pounds by boat he helps them to take. (I assume seeing what the pirate earns, 5 pounds is realisable and acceptable for them).

The sea wind blows a steady note on the vast flute-hole that is Alerock's well, calling up a tone, deep below human perception, that nonetheless seems to find accompaniment in the light of the fixed stars. Poised between sea and sky, surrounded by unheeded sound and light, stand Annaeus and Ishbel, wrapped in heavy wool to the point of near-immobility even this late into April.

Annaeus: ...is a good idea, yes, but you have become distracted in your pursuit of it. Think back. Start once more from the beginning. What is magic?
Ishbel: Magic?
Annaeus: Yes, magic. You must have noticed it. It's a thing we do around here.

Ishbel takes the jibe in her stride, as she has learned to do these past eleven years.

Ishbel: Magic, right. Magic is one of the four supernatural realms.
Annaeus: Indeed. And what distinguishes it from the others?
Ishbel: Well... it has no effect on the soul, as the Divine does, and it does not corrupt by its nature, as the Infernal does. Nor does it take things of men as its symbols, as the faeries do.
Annaeus: And what do you surmise from this?
Ishbel: That magic is neither transcendent nor debased, and it does not rely on men to give it meaning and power.
Annaeus: And so?
Ishbel: That magic is the power of the nature of things, without virtue, vice or interpretation.

Annaeus nods slowly, and Ishbel waits for a reply. Both secretly wish they had brought some wine with them, but neither one is willing to admit it in front of the other. Finally, the giant magus lifts his voice above the wind once more.

Annaeus: You are correct, as far as it goes, and have achieved some insight into our art since we last had this discussion. But what would you say if I told you that you were also wrong?
Ishbel: I... suppose it would depend on which matter I have understood incorrectly.
Annaeus: Aye, as it should. I'll give you this - you were entirely right that the faeries take their symbols of power from mortal men, whereas the power of magic is from things eternal and unchanging. But never forget that change is at the heart of magic.
Ishbel: Creation, discovery, transformation, destruction and control...
Annaeus: Just so. For the same reason, magic is powerful when great changes occur in the nature of things.
Ishbel: Great changes?
Annaeus: Such as the end of one time and the beginning of another.
Ishbel: Aha - new years...
Annaeus: ...and the solstices and equinoxes, and so on. Also remember that not all symbols of men were created as such.

Ishbel is silent for a while, pondering this statement.

Ishbel: I'm not certain I understand...
Annaeus: All things given their meanings by men were first created by God, and He has ordained that some of them will have power over the natural - or magical! - world. So it is that the staff is for masculinity and authority, and projected power. And the cup is for femininity and protection and intuitive understanding.
Ishbel: I see...
Annaeus: Now, what are we to make of something more abstract? Take the chevron - what do you understand from this?

He takes a piece of chalk and draws the simple symbol on the stone.

Ishbel: It's for protection.
Annaeus: Aye, and it's been for protection since Adam and Eve left the Garden. Why would that be?
Ishbel: I... don't know.
Annaeus: Think. Forget what you think you understand about magic and examine the symbol.

He lets Ishbel puzzle the chalk lines for a moment.

Annaeus: You find your intellect better served by actually standing up and taking a better look at it.

Ishbel grumbles to herself as she sheds layer after layer of blankets, until she faces the wind in her winter cloak. She frowns at the chalk chevron.

Annaeus: Think clearly. What does it represent? What are you missing?
Ishbel: Right now, I'm missing...
Annaeus: Yes?
Ishbel: A roof? It's a roof!
Annaeus: Aye, from back before men learned to build walls, no doubt. Do you see, now, how magical symbols, and thus magic, has levels deeper than what your fellow apprentices may understand? Its laws were set down by God, and thus it transcends this mortal world. It seduces, changes - and yes - corrupts as surely as the Infernum, and the meanings men ascribe to things of magic may represent a deeper understanding of the world than any of us know.

He stands up and starts to limp towards the stairs down into the shelter of Alerock.

Annaeus: God knows, Keythleen understands this all better than I do, and I doubt that even she really knows the ultimate cause of any of this. We'll continue this discussion back in the sanctum, I think.

He calls back over his shoulder as he starts to descend the stairs.

Annaeus: Also, I had expected you to have learned how to wrap yourself up without impeding your ability to stand, by now!

Annaeus spends the Spring teaching Magic Theory to Ishbel. The Source Quality is 23 (3 + learning bonus (5) + Com (2) + Teaching (2) + teacher bonus (5) + num. students (6)). Ishbel's Magic Theory score increases from 4 to 5.

Damn, I always forget Confidence points. Everyone who took part in the defence of Girvan gets a confidence point for surviving, if not exactly winning, the battle.

Ok :slight_smile:

The servants of Alerock inexpertly sew the gash in Morphiste's side with Trokki's Thread, and by the time the frost disappears from Girvan, the wound is healed.* Despite his shredded back and massive blood loss, Old Sean clings to life** until the Thread becomes available. With his wound sewn, he is soon up and arguing with anyone who comes too close, though he is even less willing to volunteer for extra duties than before.

  • [size=85]Morphiste gains a warping point, taking her score to 3 (0).[/size]
    ** [size=85]Die 8 + 1 Stamina vs. Stable ease factor of 9.[/size]

Okay, since we seem to have lost JeanMichelle, I'll NPC Morphiste and Wodin for the time being.

Morphiste spends a fair bit of time replaying the blow that wounded her in her head, and working out ways she could have avoided it. She also visits Sean in the watchtower and observes his wound healing. 5 xp each in Brawl (gaining the skill at 1 and specialising in dodging) and Medicine.

Wodin reflects on the way the battle went, and how he could have made it go better, especially by keeping the grogs in line a little more. 5 xp in Single Weapon and Leadership.

Morhpiste, in her capacity as Disceptator (Disceptatrix?), agrees to pay compensation to Girvan and the Earl of Carrick - south of Hadrian's Wall it would be Interferinng with the Mundanes, but it's no worse than the Loch Leglean Tribunal has put up with from the highland covenants since the Tribunal was founded. She recommends the tower be of about the same standard as Alerock's own watchtower - built in stone, but not expected to withstand more than the most cursory assault.

Annaeus casts Touch of Midas, and his sigil rattles small objects off shelves throughout Alerock's three upper levels. He has Ishbel melt down the resulting sphere(ish) of gold and Morphiste arranges for Wodin and Vance to accompany shipments of it (via pirate ship) to goldsmiths in Carlisle, Dublin, Glasgow, Gloucester and further abroad. As expected, much of the gold never makes it to the towns, and the price it fetches from the goldsmiths brings some colourful language out of Wodin. Nonetheless, the resulting money covers the expenses with 294 pounds left spare. Morphiste has Philippa secure the silver in her private quarters.