Spring 1290 journey to Europe

To begin with let's get a list of those attending this quest.

Aetherius reporting in.

Khufu might be available should a connection be made with the crew in or on the way to Cairo.

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I'll want our group to have an Arabic grog capable of translating along the trip for sure.

Tastheus is on

Are you traveling by caravan or by some more magical means?

Zarkut is going along, he speaks Arabic but having an interpreter grog or two along is also good.

How we travel depends on the other magi. Aetherius can of course offer Shape of the ancient Kite as a fast travel method - but it means warping. More mundane methods of travel are available, of course, but with stops at Cairo, Magvillus and Southern France, there's the risk that we turn this into a multi season adventure if we take a caravan, then a boat, then another boat, then we search, etc.

We can reduce the warping incured by not having everyone shift back at every stop.

A kite will travel 680 miles per day, apparently sleeping in flight (I presume since one flew for 11 days without stopping), to give you a comparative idea how much time will be saved.

@raccoonmask is Plasmatoris on this?

Zarkut will go along with a couple points of warping.

Hum, I think that some warping points could be a good deal. However we are good for 2 or 3 seasons of travelling.

Yah, sorry I have been out of touch here. Mostly recovered from my plague now.

Plasmatoris is planning on attending, and will be making plans to take his familiar, unless it is unfeasible due to travel planning or other dangers. His familiar had expressed an interest in coming along.

Shape of the ancient Kite, it is. To Cairo, we go.

Aetherius has a base of 31 to cast on himself, but a base of 22 to cast on others, assuming their parma is lowered for the occasion. +8 for the rolls assuming it is being done in the "wizard's sector"
rolls: Zarkut-7, Tastheus:2, Plasmatoris-2, Arabic translator Grog (Mahmud al-Kalbi):7 - this means Aetherius takes 1 fatigue level for Tastheus and the group is underway. You fly 340 miles by sundown- it is 856 miles to Cairo, and of course as the sun sets your parma falls- restoring it will require human form to perform the ritual, though at the moment as kites flying across the desert it might not be absolutely necessary.

Is my familiar able to accompany us on this long flight?

An Ibis has a maximum speed of 23.9 MPH, so if they could stay aloft for 12 hours they would travel 286 miles, but since Ibis are generally non migratory it is doubtful they could maintain such consistent flight, and are more prone to dehydration than a kite. So in short your Ibis could come along, but would slow you down significantly, and require additional sources of water.

It does sound like our method of travel means my familiar won't be able to travel with us at all.

Do you want us to change how we're planning to travel?

Honestly as a player it'd probably be easier to handle with out adding a noncombat butterfly.