Spring 1290 journey to Europe

Aetherius does make a quick physical check-up on himself - clothes and hair, for example, on top of washing up. He also ensures he has a standing Parma Magica, Wizard's Sidestep, Doublet of Impenetrable Silk and Gift of the Bear's Fortitude, just in case. Not that he actively expects trouble.

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You manage each of these without fatigue, though the wizards sidestep is a bit disconcerting for social interaction since you are not where you appear to be.

Plasmatoris watches with a little smile on his face, but not interrupting Aetherius's preparations. "Were you expecting a lot of trouble? That was quite an array of magic you just showed us." He glances around. "Does anyone have any idea what to expect here? I just wanted to get us some time alone to talk."

"I'm not expecting trouble, specifically, nor am I looking to start problems. But these are spells I tend to want to have active whenever I meet with a being that probably has a significant Might. Better be safe than sorry. As to what I'm expecting - it's hard to say with a Faerie. I'd rather be courteous and hopefully the meeting goes well. And if she doesn't want us to go through her lands, let's be off rather than create troubles with her. For the rest - I don't know."

Aban looks around the lodge with a frown.

"Unusual. I have no idea what is going on, for what it's worth. Faeries never were my strong suit. Better to avoid such frivolities if possible. But since we're here..."

He tidies himself up, then waits for what comes next.

The group seems to want follow the gnome to the Queen. Tastheus start an aura of ennobled presence before take the head, just near to the gnome.

"So, what we need to know about the etiquette on this Court ? We don't want any trouble with your Queen, just continue our road without interfere with their story."

Plasmatoris will give a thoughtful nod at Aetherius's comment, before giving himself a Doublet of Impenetrable Silk as well. He refrains from any additional spell-castings, both because he doesn't want to be a talking representative here, and because he doesn't want to throw too many spells around in a Faerie aura.

Plasmatoris takes a fatigue level casting the spell.
The gnome scratches his head and answers "well, don't tick her off. I mean all kinds of normal stuff like don't disrespect her. She is a virgin, but try not to make a big deal about it, and definitely don't hit on her. Also be nice to animals."

Atys does not cast spells on himself. Though he has little knowledge of the fae. He does prepare himself to put his social skills to good use. A group of magi can surely cause a lot of destruction, even if they ultimately lose the fight. Why would the Queen want that? Best to not offend.

After everyone is prepared. "Shall we go and meet the Queen?"

When you are ready the gnome leads you to a valley beside the village where giant trees for a canopy above, yet the sunlight seems bright. Artemis sits on a throne of wood which is rooted to the grund as if it had grown in place rather than having been crafted. beside her throne sits a silver bow and a pack of dogs lie at her feet.
"What is this that intrudes on my domain?"

Atys would not presume to speak for this group. So, he waits to see if one of the other magi will respond to Queen Artemis.

Tastheus sees the decor, looking for all details. He seems naturally move in first place of the group. He slightly bows, thinking that human's and elf's court have certainly some common habits.

"Salve, Queen Artemis. We are nothing than more just a group of travellers who had bad indications. We did not wish to disturb your majesty, but your servant insisted that we come and present ourselves to you. So, we are here, before you."

"What bad indications lead you to trespass upon my domain? Is someone directing travelers here to harass me or out of ill will towards them?"

"A lack of information, to be honest with you, your Majesty. We was aware about a covenant of magi inside the forest, where we could be stay for the night, but not about its precise place, and not about the border of your Realm. As I said, we are just some travellers who search an halt for the night after a long day of flying, no more. I can assure you that me, and all my companions don't want harass you or anything like this."

She sits back and considers, "Tell me more about your travels, I take it you are not simply going to some routine affair if you have come crashing through my woods on an unfamiliar route. What is so urgent that you cast about recklessly to seek a faster journey?"

Tastheus stays calm. The feeling to deal with a potential goddess seems a good challenge to wake up the young Tytalus out of the nightmare of his life since their awakening. A social challenge with some potential issues, what is better to stimulate him ?

"For sure, your Majesty. We are a group of magi who come from Egypt. We are travelling to Italy and South of France. We are looking for someone there. We know that our investigation could be long on this place and we want solve this case as soon as possible. So, we choose to go in the sky, to be faster."

Tastheus chose to be the more collaborate that he can, for now. He has nothing to lost and nothing to hind to the Queen.

"Whom do you seek, and why the urgency?"

Plasmatoris, which should be of no surprise to anyone, immediately gets distracted by the scenery, his wide-eyed gaze taking in the forest scene and studies the color and light. There is definitely something wrong with the lighting here, he observes, It's too perfect.

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"We are looking for one of our covenfolk who left for Europe on a trip and hasn't come back, Your Majesty. He was seen as a leader by his people, and is sorely missed by them. We're not quite sure where he is exactly, we only know that the longer we wait to make this journey, the less likely we'll find his trail. He is deemed essential enough that we would make this trip."